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The Journey of Connection has a Map

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2019

Unaware of Need

There was a time when I also continuously felt the pain of emptiness and hunger of my spirit. I didn’t know what to do, and I resigned myself to the belief that this pain was just a part of life that had to be endured. I too relieved pain with temporary fixes of every manner, yet nothing seemed to satisfy me.


Awakening to Need

It wasn’t until I realized that this feeling of emptiness is akin to the pain of hunger that I understood the aching is just an indicator of the need for healthy connection. That’s when I began to research what really fed my spirit; what filled me up, and what created genuine fulfillment of connection.


Inspiration to Meet Need

When I started on the healing journey of connection I had a preconceived idea of what it would be like. I imagined all the goodness that I’d experience and discovery on this pathway – and what the end results will be like - shining light and with no more troubles.



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Healing the Trauma of Ancestral Line Webinar - Blog

Uncategorized May 16, 2019

If we continue to carry the trauma from our ancestors then this is the legacy we hand to our children. The time to bring our ancestral lines into balance and health is 'now'. 

This can be achieved through some simple, profound ceremonies; through our love, our compassion and our longing for the health and happiness of our grandchildren that is free from the trauma of those who came before us.

Presented in this video is: 

  • An understanding of the importance and responsibility of living our lives in connection to our ancestors and future generations.
  • Epigenetic's: The scientific understanding behind historic trauma.
  • Hope for the future: Traditional ways to wipe away the trauma we may unconsciously carry from our ancestral lineage.

Watch now to find out more about the ways we can cleanse and heal our ancestral lineages to promote not only our own spiritual well-being but to clear the way for those yet to come

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Spirituality and Mental Health Video Blog - Webinar Recording

Uncategorized May 07, 2019

Spirituality is the innate aspect of being human. We have a natural capacity to be spiritual. The search for meaning and purpose in life is a central pillar of spirituality.

In more modern times, it has been reframed as a ‘feeling’ of connectedness or mystery to be named without the dogma of any religion or tradition. Within the field of ‘deep nature connection, the direct embodied experiences in nature provide access to the connection.

In this recording we explore the restorative qualities and wisdom inherent in nature, sharing ways and understandings that enable us to ‘Thrive in Uncertain Times’. Many of us have become so shielded and isolated from what nourishes our inner being that we are starving for connection.

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Healing the Ancestral Connection

Uncategorized May 04, 2019

Most people living in the modern lifestyle, particularly those who are descended from the European peoples have an unease in their relationship to their ancestors. Many people in the past 5000 – 500 years have gone through a colonization and cultural destruction experience which has all but wiped away the memories of genuine ancestral connection. It’s now understood that within just a few short generations after the initial agricultural revolution people began to forget and distrust their hunter-gather past and those that still follow the ancient rhythms of nature and migration. Jump forward 5000, and you find people that have no recollection of who their grandparents were, much less the history of their culture, their earth-based traditions, and the ancient language of their people.

The severing of the lineage connection and the forced removal from land is one of the oldest colonization tactics. These two, the ancestors and the earth are linked together in cultures in...

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Well-Being and Spirituality - An Unspoken Connection

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019

The anguish that people are afflicted with has little to do with injury, physical disease, starvation, or other ills that historically caused great sorrow. Modern medicine and industry have all but eliminated those types of pain. The new illness that people suffer is from their inner world. It is more elusive, more subtle, and thereby more difficult to distinguish. If we cannot recognize the source of the pain, how can we stop or treat it?

When we are in pain, we need to clearly identify the cause so we can take the appropriate actions. Pain is just a sensation that is intended to draw our attention to the source. Where are you hurting in your life? Where is your pain located? Is it physical? Mental? Emotional? Spiritual? When we identify the source of the pain, we can make a distinction about the source. By naming it, we can begin to determine the cause.

The lack of congruence between the lack of connection in lives we currently live and our spiritual needs is the underlying source...

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The Helper's Gatherings - Coming Together To Heal, Learn, and Step To Visionary Leadership

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2019

Making the choice to step up for a better future by transforming the grief and trarumas of the past. Learn more about how we can come together to heal and find health and happiness.

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Danger on the Path to Visionary Leadership

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2019

The path of the Visionary Leaders is one that is challenging for even the most courageous to walk. There are pitfalls and obstacles that will distract, hamper the journey, and even knock leaders off the path.

Visionary Leadership is not well understood by modern society. Modern society doesn't provide teachings to the average person on how to be a Visionary Leader. Modern leadership is often presented and taught as a hierarchy of power over people. This type of leadership is disconnective and produces poor results over time. Visionary Leadership is focused on systemic interconnectedness and helping that which supports life now and into the future.

A Visionary Leader doesn't typically actualize by accident. Visionary Leaders are created through teachings and initiations which open a person to a more creative way of being in the world. There is a systematic process for the development of Visionary Leaders. Many of the ancient cultures understood this system of development which...

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Questions of Power - Wisdom

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2019

How would you like to take the helm of experiences you have in life? Do you know that you have the power to guide what unfolds in your life? This ability is found within the power of questions.

I want to give you a precious gift of hard-earned wisdom. There is something to know about how to phrase an inquiry that is critically important. It’s important to understand that what you ask about, and how your phrase the question determines the answer you receive. I’ve talked to thousands of people who struggle with this concept because the words we commonly use don’t accurately convey the thoughts that are within us. We use vague generalities and then expect concise and exact responses.

As we go on the connection journey, we are called to higher forms of excellence in all areas of our life. Using words powerfully means that we need to have our hearts and minds fully connected and communicating. Then we can ask the questions in a way which will give us the answer we...

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Make Gratitude A Daily Ritual

rituals of connection Dec 23, 2018
Wisdom of Connection Rituals:
It's taken me years to figure out how to maintain a state of healthy connection with life. What I've found is that good relationships are based on repeated practices. I realized that every time I fell out of connection, I needed to revitalize the activities which re-energize the ropes of connection. Over time I've developed techniques which can be straightforward exercises to reconnect and help me return to a state of connection. 
Through trial and error (and mentoring) I've developed exercises which support healthy relationships. These exercises are daily rituals — a set of simple habits that are practiced on a regular basis. This helps keep my valued relationships alive and well.
One of the most potent routine exercises is gratitude. Daily appreciation helps us achieve one of the most valuable forms of real wealth;  the state of gratitude. This state is about gaining a reality of gratitude and having appreciation constantly...
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Language of the Land 2018 Report

camp Sep 20, 2018

The Helper's Mentoring Society is dedicated to helping the modern, everyday person become more fully developed through the practice of traditional ceremonies and teachings. We offer online courses, literature, retreats, gatherings, and more to make this mission a reality. For more information about us, click here.



Its been a busy summer for us here at Helpers Mentoring Society. We’ve held live events and seminars around the world and we are still going! I’m actually writing this blog to you all from the airport on my way to the United Kingdom, and from there over to Europe.

As many of you know we hold an annual nature connection camp in South Dakota, USA. The event is called the Language of the Land. This camp is unique in all the work that we do for a number of reasons. The 1st is that the camp is meant to be a cultural exchange for the participants – for people of diverse backgrounds to meet and spend quality time with the Native American...

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