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The State of Gratitude


Free Offering from Helpers Mentoring Society We are all in uncertain times and there is nowhere on the planet that i...

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Life Skills, Prayer and the Challenges We Face - Extended Webinar

$45.00 USD

April 11th at 9am PST The times we knew were coming are here.  How we approach them is up to us We are being ...

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Interspecies and Spiritual Communication - Extended Teaching Webinar

$45.00 USD

April 25th, 2020  (1pm Pacific Time/ 6am Sydney Australia/ 9pm UK Time) Both Sal and Jacqueline are coming tog...

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One-on-One and Group Mentoring with Sal Gencarelle

$4,997.00 USD

Sal Gencarelle is providing a limited number of personal and group mentoring opportunities for 6 months. This is for ...

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Personal and Group Mentoring Service

$750.00 USD

Helpers Mentoring Society’s mentors have been trained in our specific lineage of earth-base wisdoms. The mentor...

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Der Weg der Helfer

Vorzeitiger Rabatt $989.80 USD

Der Weg der Helfer – Verbindung, Gemeinschaft, Führungsqualitäten und Hoffnung (Helper's Journey Ger...

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Living Connection Course Series - 4 Week Course

$249.97 USD

We will start this course with 4 inclusive global group mentoring calls on March 3rd 2020 for four weeks, so sign up ...

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$987.00 USD

Come and join the 5-day gathering July 22-26 in South Dakota and experience the true work that Helpers Mentoring...

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Heart of the Quest Camp 2020 - 10 Day Event

Suggested Donation $950.00

July 10-19 The Place where Visionary Healers are Born. This year's gathering in South Dakota is solely focuss...

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Physical Products and Merchandise Store

Access our products page - Books, CDs, DVDs, Clothing & Exclusive Content Physical Products and Merchandise Store

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Worktrade/Reduced Tuition/Scholarship

Worktrade, reduced tuition and scholarship application. Including Native American Scholarships. Limited oppertun...

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