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This is your chance to experience the Village of the Sacred. Come and join any of the 5-day gatherings across the wo...

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The Helper's Journey 2020

Helper's Journey is our Premier 8-month life-changing course Sign up now for the 2020 class! Course components...

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Thriving in Uncertain Times, How to Find Well-Being Now and into the Future

Pre-Order Sales Now Available - Shipping will occur by May 2019 In Thriving in Uncertain Times, How to Find Well-Bei...

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Living Connection Course Series

We will start this course with 4 inclusive global group mentoring calls on November 5th, 2019, so sign up now. Learn...

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Living Connections Course Series - Part 2

  Learn simple and effective techniques to find purpose and passion  and transform your life. In this...

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Mechandise Store

Access our products page - Books, CDs, DVDs, Clothing & Exclusive Content

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Worktrade/Reduced Tuition/Scholarship

Worktrade, reduced tuition and scholarship application. Including Native American Scholarships. Limited oppertun...

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