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4-Hour Webinar: Walking With The Ancestors

$45.00 USD

October 31st, 2020 at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time  In this 4-hour webinar Sal Gencarelle will teach about ho...

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Virtual (Online) Connection Gathering

$250.00 USD

November 13-15, 2020 Come and join a multi-day online event held by HMS.  $250.00 USD (Payment plans also avai...

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E-Course - Elements of Ceremony - All 4 Courses Bundle Package

$97.00 USD

Purchase all 4 Elements of Ceremony Courses in one bundle for a discount. Course 1 - Air. Develop a personal relatio...

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Living Connection Course Series - 4 Week Course - Independent Study

$149.00 with Inclusive Mentoring Calls

Learn simple and effective techniques to find purpose and passion and transform your life. In this 4-week intera...

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The Helper's Journey 2021 - 8 Month Course

$997.00 USD

Helper's Journey is our Premier 8-month life-changing course Sign up now for the 2021 class! Course components...

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Group Mentoring with Sal Gencarelle

$997.00 USD

Sal Gencarelle is providing a limited number of personal and group mentoring opportunities for 6 months. This is for ...

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Personal and Group Mentoring Service

$750.00 USD

Helpers Mentoring Society’s mentors have been trained in our specific lineage of earth-base wisdoms. The mentor...

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Historic Webinar Recordings

Each Webinar Recording is $45.00 USD

These webinar recordings are a great introduction to the depth of teaching that we work with here at Helpers Mentorin...

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Woptura Lineage Sacred Songs - Digital Version

$15.00 USD

 These songs teach us about life  For the first time the 4 Generations Woptura Lineage songs are now avail...

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Physical Products and Merchandise Store

Access our products page - Books, CDs, DVDs, Clothing & Exclusive Content Physical Products and Merchandise Store

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Worktrade/Reduced Tuition/Scholarship

Worktrade, reduced tuition and scholarship application. Including Native American Scholarships. Limited oppertun...

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