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Exclusive Personal Mentoring with Salvatore Gencarelle

$4,997.00 USD

  One-on-One Mentoring over 12 months, starting August 2024 Sal Gencarelle is providing a limited number of exclusi...

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E-Course - Elements of Ceremony - All 4 Courses Bundle Package

$97.00 USD

Purchase all 4 Elements of Ceremony Courses in one bundle for a discount. Plus, a FREE Gratitude Course!   After ma...

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Creating Structures of Purification - Workshop

$330.00 USD

Practical/Teaching workshop on the Structures of Purification  July 1st - 3rd 2024 (South Dakota)    We live in a ...

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Vision Quest Support Bundle

$249.00 USD

In the modern context much has been misunderstood about the questing process as a whole.  Most of the focus is place...

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Webinar Recordings Library

Extended Webinar Recordings - Priced Individually between $45.00 - $25.00

These webinar recordings explore the depth of teaching that we work with here at Helpers Mentoring Society. Whether ...

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Woptura Lineage Sacred Songs - Digital Version

$15.00 USD

 These songs teach us about life  For the first time the 4 Generations Woptura Lineage songs are now available as a ...

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Physical Products and Merchandise Store

Access our products page - Books, CDs, DVDs, Clothing & Exclusive Content Physical Products and Merchandise Store

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Worktrade/Reduced Tuition/Scholarship

Worktrade, reduced tuition and scholarship application. Including Native American Scholarships. Limited oppertunities...

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