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Lineage Vision Quest Part 4 - Gathering Quest Items

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021

Many items are needed in the lineage Vision Quest, which becomes part of the Quest's offerings and altar.


Each item has a specific purpose in the Quest, and each item offers the opportunity for the quester to access another layer of connection.  Items should be made, gathered, traded for, or even purchased with mindfulness and in the spirit of the Quest.  The traditional guidance to acquiring the things needed for the Quest advises that you begin to prepare for the Quest a year in advance.  Twelve months allows enough time to ensure the items are gathered with the mindfulness required.  A year is also enough time to prepare oneself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 


The items are gathered over the time between setting intentions and the pre-selected Quest date. Sometimes this is less than a full year, which means that some things will most likely have to be purchased. Many Native America style stores, often called "Trading Posts," will have these items for sale.


The preferred method of acquiring the items is for the quester to harvest them from nature, using traditional techniques and/or coming into possession through synchronicity (such as items being donated).


The quester is also responsible to provide the materials for needed for the four purification Inipi which led up to the day of the Quest. The purification Inipi are necessary to ensure the readiness of the quester.  The materials needed include the stones, the wood, prayer flags, and ties for each Inipi. 


Ways of Acquiring the Quest Articles

There are several ways to collect the items needed for the Quest, the best being to collect them directly from nature.  The opportunity to do this depends on many factors of course, including time, location, availability, knowledge, and skill level.  Each item is an opportunity to connect with the natural creation and to focus your intention through a tactile process.  By gathering the items mindfully, in a state of connection, the quester infuses their intention into each offering.  These items become an extension of the quester and hold the same intention in different forms.  In this way the quester creates a powerful Vision Quest altar.  The more the quester is involved in the gathering and making of the Quest items, the more they add to the overall energy of the offerings.


Support for the Vision Quest Mentor

Traditionally, someone looking to Vision Quest would find an experienced mentor and guide.  The mentor and the quester would enter into an agreement formally, often by smoking a Sacred Pipe and praying together.  Once the agreement was made, the quester would help support the needs of the mentor and their family for the duration of the preparation and the Quest time.  The support would include contributing food, supplies, and even the gift of horses. In this way, there was an exchange between the quester and the mentor.  This was all conducted with respect to the Trade Economy of that time. Now that we live in a different economy, financial support is an acceptable means of exchange. 



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