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Journey into Womanhood Gathering - United Kingdom

September 17th - 21st 2021 


Finding balance in turbulent times


We are living in times of extraordinary transition and how we choose to respond to the challenges and opportunities of this time is key to the future of all of Creation.  As women we are gifted with a strong sense of intuition and an ability to listen deeply to what is needed. If we utilise this gift well, we can help set a new direction for the future generations. It is time for us to step forward and fully embrace this skill, to live in the fullness of our unique gifts and to each make our contribution to the collective whole.

The Gathering

Over the course of the last year we have been severely limited in our ability to physically connect with one another and in our capacity to create opportunities for experiential journeying together. Many of us are yearning for that shared experience and this gathering is a response to that call. Coming together we can weave a strong, collective container to support our individual journeys.


During our 5 days together we will focus on cleansing and purification to wipe off the events of this last year, either through our internal cleansing process or external purification rituals. From this foundation of renewal we will journey together with each of the elements, strengthening our relationship with the fundamental aspects of life itself - fire, air, water and stone. By deepening our connection with these elements externally and strengthening our understanding of how they manifest in us internally, we will seek to bring ourselves into greater alignment and inner harmony. 


Immersing ourselves within this powerful container for transformation and change, we will be able to enter our inner terrain more easily and listen more deeply. With the profound inner space that opens up from sustained immersion in connection practices and within a circle of women, the gathering will culminate in an individual quest in nature on the 4th night.


To support you in the journey this gathering offers, it will be helpful to prepare yourself in the weeks beforehand, feeling into and identifying your personal intention to bring to this quest. We will provide some introductory material for you to engage with in advance of the gathering to help you with your personal enquiry.



Penny Jerram

Penny studied Archaeology and Anthropology as an undergraduate and has a long standing interest in First Nations’ teachings. She is particularly focused on how their wisdom can be applied to support connected, healthy ways of living. Penny had various roles in a corporate context before embarking on the journey of motherhood, bringing up 4 children. She has had the privilege of working with Sal Gencarelle for the past 9 years and has experienced a profoundly transformative journey with the tools of connection that Sal shares. Penny applies these practices in her daily life, deepening her understanding of, and connection with, what it means to be a woman. She is passionate about sharing these teachings and ceremonies with the wider community so that we may move towards more sustainable models of living.


Hana Jones

The common thread that is woven through Hana’s work throughout her adult life is in supporting others to express their unique gifts and to identify and clarify their personal vision. Her experience of working towards this is extensive: as a body worker, remedial exercise teacher, trainer, workshop facilitator and nature quest protector as passed down under the lineage of the Tracker School. Having always walked a path close to nature, Hana is deeply committed to ensuring our children have a connected relationship with the Earth they live on and all those they share this home with. She is grandmother to three little ones. The philosophy and earth-based spirituality of the First Nations has been at the heart of Hana’s spiritual path throughout her life. In 2013 this led her to this lineage and the teachings that Sal Gencarelle brings and she continues in a committed, immersive learning journey with these altars and this way of life and now, also, on how it is to move towards being an elder woman within a community.  


This gathering is limited to 20 spaces so please book your place to guarantee your spot.


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