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Lineage Vision Quest Part 6 - Time Alone in the Wilderness  

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

By spending an extended duration in nature, in communion with creation, the quester comes to a deeper state of connection with the dream of creation. While the quester is at their altar they should remain in constant state of communication and reflection.  


During the time alone, the quest should reflect on the intentions of the quest. Why are they there? What are their goals? How can they accomplish these goals and be more effective? There are many reasons to quest but whatever the reason, the quester should focus their thoughts and feelings towards asking the unseen aspects of creation for help.


The quester should remain in a deep reflective state as much as possible – without falling asleep. During the day(s) and night(s) the prayers may become a waking dream. The quester might find themselves going on inner vision journeys or have the sense of visitors that come to them in their mind’s eye.


The quester might also have visitation from animals or other natural (physical) beings which bring them insight or different points of view to understand answers to what they seek.


Questers may have melodies or songs come to them. Sometimes these songs are known and sometimes they are new compositions. The melody or lyrics contain messages which are answers to sought for information.


The quester might just think and consider the intention of the quest and find a deeper purpose for the quest as the experience reveals what is most important in life.

Whatever occurs during the quest, it is important to remember that it is sacred. Because the quester and has gone through the preparations and is now in the altar, the experience is deeply connected to the Great Mystery. Even if apparently, nothing is occurring during the quest, what comes from this experience will be life changing into the future.


In the modern education system people are taught to use their mind and intellectual consciousness above all other ways of connecting and “thinking”. It is important to remember that this is only one aspect of the human consciousness – and it is not the consciousness that is primarily activated in the quest. In a Vision Quest, the primary consciousness that is activated is that of the spirit. This means that what occurs in the quest is not well understood by the mind during the quest. The mind’s understanding of what has occurred during the quest takes place after the quest is complete – during the following days, weeks, months, and even years. Therefore, is it so important to have a process of integrating the quest. We will talk about this in the next blog.




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