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Walking with a Purpose: Get In Touch with Your Surroundings

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2018

              With so many wonderful new technologies and means of transportation, I feel the simple of value of walking is often overlooked. At the tap of a button and for just a few dollars we can summon a car from a stranger to come take us wherever we need to go! That’s not to mention buses, driving our own cars, trains, or even bikes. So much of our culture depends on getting where we need to be now, why bother walking anywhere?

               First we can break down the scientific benefits of walking. Human beings evolved for thousands of years to be a hunting and gathering people. Evolution resulted in many of our physical structures developing to benefit our walking and running, because for much of our history human beings had to travel long distances to find food, shelter, and hospitable conditions. Our leg bones are elongated, our spines are curved, and our leg...

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Language of the Lakota -- A Rich and Endangered History

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2018

Language is not something we often give much thought to, but when we think about the critical role it plays in our lives, this is a bit surprising. Every interaction we have with one another relies on some form of communication or another, and often this communication takes the form of language. If you’ve ever attended one of our courses, you’ve probably been introduced to some of our reference material which is in the Lakota Sioux language.  It isn’t often we are introduced to new languages, so when we host events and courses one of the most common questions I am asked is about the native tongue for so many of the teachings we draw from. It certainly is a fascinating topic, though it’s struggling to endure into modern times and thus I thought it’d be good to spur on any interest in it that I can.

The Lakota language which I was taught in is actually one of three dialects of the Sioux language, along with the Nakota and the Dakota. Today, the...

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Finding Hope and Purpose in the New Year - The Helper's Journey

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2018


Happy New Year brothers and sisters!

    Helpers Mentoring Society is very happy to begin another year with you all, although we find that the past year has left us in particular need for spiritual healing and growth. However, this is not cause for despair! On the contrary I believe sometimes it’s the most difficult experiences that have the most potential to temper the strongest growth.

    2017 was not, by many standards, a calm and easygoing year. International tensions are flaring left and right. Many of you might see the same negative energy pervading your country, regions, communities, or even homes. It seems in so much turmoil, many people have lost sight of the true interconnectedness of this world – both the physical and the spiritual. So many of the changes going on around us quite literally result in life or death. The divide between love and interconnectivity or solitude and despair is becoming a further blurred and ever contested...

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