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Bison People Land Spring 2024 Update

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2024

Over the past winter months, Bison People Land's support staff has been focused on supporting the small herd to thrive through the long cold season. Now that spring has arrived, the new shoots of green grass are a welcome sight to the managers - and the bison! The three members of our herd are still eating from the winter hay bales but can now nibble on the fresh grass. 


Over the past fall and winter, we've successfully added new grazing pastures for the bison to forage. One of the major hurdles was getting the perimeter fence installed. Now that the land has been fenced and we are having a well drilled to provide a water source, we will have the option to expand the herd with new members. Stay tuned for more information as we grow Bison People Land into the next phase of expansion!


If you would like to support Bison People Land you can make a donation by following the link below. Your support will go directly...

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Free Webinar - March Equinox Ceremony Harvest Call

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2024
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Thive in Joy Interview with Kate Sutherland

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2024

A conversation with Kate Sutherland, the author of, Thrive in Joy: Gathered Wisdom for Navigating Challenging Times. This book is a collection of go-to practices, stories and perspectives for "resetting" during hardship, put together from a series of interviews with more than forty contributors. The pages contain thoughtful reflections from a diversity of voices about how to cultivate joy during challenging times. It's a call to spread light, to trade and plant seeds of hope, and to support each other in celebrating the elements in our lives that make us shine and thrive. Discover new ways to bring more joy into your own life, whether by trying something from this book, or by learning to recognize and activate what brings you joy. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle and 'Thrive in Joy' author, Kate Sutherland.

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Wheel of Life Quarterly Ceremony - March Equinox

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2024

During the March equinox, we want to continue to support the alignment of human beings with the cycles of nature through immersion in ceremony for life. For this Wheel of Life Quarterly Ceremony, we look at purification into the action of the year and how this important step aligns us fully to the intentions we hold for life to thrive. Through purification we clear ourselves to be the most open conduit for the communication of connection to take place. In this realigned state creation can guide us into the actions that life needs. This this free webinar where we will share the intention for the ceremony during March equinox and how you can get involved in your own way to be a part of this global collective. Join people around the world dedicated to healing the disconnection sickness. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle and Penny Jerram.

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The Four Sacred Beings

Uncategorized Feb 29, 2024

The Sun, Moon, Thunder Beings and Stone

Godfrey, my teacher, was a very powerful Native American healer. He held vast wisdom of his culture and his ancestry – many whom were medicine men and medicine women for generations back.  He explained that there are four things essential to life upon the Earth, and if we connect to these 'Sacred Beings', we’re essentially connecting to what supports/creates all life. By connecting to the consciousness of one of these four, or in any combination, then we are accessing the power of life itself. And, if we communicate to those four things, then it calls attention to our communication because it recognizes the power of life. He explained that when we connect to these Sacred Beings, we are witnessed and heard.

He gave guidance on a statement to say which addresses the Sacred Beings before going further into communication. The statement is presented below in both Lakota and English, along with a detailed translation. 


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A Man Among the Helpers - The Book that Started Helpers Mentoring Society

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2024


Did you know that the book that kicked off the teachings of Helpers Mentoring Society is still in publication? Over the years we have also professionally produced an audio book version! Each year new people find their way to reading A Man Among the Helpers and to Helpers Mentoring Society. Below are ways to access both the hard copy and the audio book versions. 


Paper Back Book 

Audio Book Version 


This book is my personal experience with the traditions of the Lakota people. I do not claim to be Lakota, nor an expert on all things Lakota. I can only speak from my times with these medicine ways and ancient traditions. Lakota spirituality is not a dogmatic religion; each medicine family has its own particular connection to the Grandfathers, and these various connections require different approaches. Due to this, what you read here may differ greatly from your own personal experiences or understandings of Lakota or other Native American traditions.


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Personal Spiritual Knowing - Guidance for the Coming Times

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2024

Over and over, we have been shown that to live in the future we must change. The environment and human condition tell us that it suffers at our disconnected hands. We can perceive the disconnection in the ongoing inability of human beings to find peace together or live in accordance with natural law. But how do we change? What are the steps that must be taken to ensure life thrives into the future? Personal spiritual knowing is how! We start the change by knowing ourselves fully as part of this creation – and then finding our place with the Creative Powers. To know oneself requires a profound knowing of your own spiritual connection. It’s time to develop yourself to the point where spiritual communication is clear and guidance is easily perceived without the static of disconnection. The time is now to obtain this level of personal, authentic, and sovereign spiritual authority. There may not be an opportunity to do this in the future! 

Know oneself:

The patterns of...

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Bison People Land - An Eco-Restoration Community Presentation

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2024

In this YouTube video, Sal Gencarelle introduces us to Bison People Land in South Dakota, US. His team is working with bison - and traditional ecological knowledge - to heal the Black Hills which have been deeply scarred by hundreds of years of mismanagement. Learn about the rich history of the land and Lakota Native American people, and how this inspiring project is unfolding. Sal's presentation begins at 13:16 minute mark.


Fireside Chat with John D. Liu and Bison People Land, US - 12 December 2023 (

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Harvesting the Wheel of Life December Solstice Ceremonies

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2024

After the many ceremonies across the earth over the December solstice, there will be much wisdom to be shared. As is often the case, the insights offered through these deeply connective practices are universal messages pertinent to all nations. This is an opportunity to harvest the learning from these Wheel of Life ceremonies that can help us all. View the video for a rich harvest to support life moving forward into the future. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle and Penny Jerram.

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Setting Intentions for Connection Webinar

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2024

With the New Year now here, we are offered the opportunity to reflect upon the year past and to set intentions for the next seasons. Finding a connected, clear, and passionate intention creates the opportunity to lay a pathway into our future - not just as individuals but holistically with creation. The Universe has a foundation based on relationship connectivity. For too long, people have ignored its place in this web of relativity, causing a fraying of the web-of-life upon the Earth. In setting intentions for the future, we must reach beyond ourselves and seek guidance from both the natural world and the spiritual. Connecting our personal intentions to nature and spirit ensures alignment with the flow of life - so creative power can guide us. In this free webinar, we discuss the importance of orientation to connection in supporting the setting of intentions. We offer ways to develop the understanding and connectivity to guide our intentions, goals, and action – in support of...

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