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Bison Project Late Spring 2021 Update - Running Bison

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

The cold days and nights of winter that took all the excess energy to endure are long gone and replaced by the warm spring rains. The land is renewing from the long winter slumber and providing our bison with the new growth of green plants. As green grass with higher nutritional content is now accessible to the bison, they have more energy to expel. This has given the bison a burst of energy that they often put into running play.

Before tending bison, I never realized just how much they like to play. Many days they seem to relish in running around each other, bumping, and jostling one another. Sometimes they can be witnessed nuzzling and bumping head in a friendly way. They tend their bonds of relationship with brushing against each other and licking each other's sides. As the heat of the day builds, they can often be seen on a hillside lounging together, keeping a watchful eye on the land.


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