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Bison Project and Land Update Fall 2021

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2021

We have some exciting news regarding our base of operations in South Dakota USA. An additional 31.6 acres of land that is directly adjacent to our current property has come available to purchase. Before the 1970s this land was originally part of the location that currently supports the Bison Project and the in-person camps provided by HMS in the Black Hills. It has been held in a family trust and has never been available until now. Due to several factors including the opportunity to expand our bison herd, the possibility to hold larger teaching camps and ceremonies, and the protection of the ecology in a bigger way, we have decided to purchase this land!



After a few weeks of going back and forth with the current landowners, we have settled on a price which is reasonable – especially considering the current market in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The land needs tending, fencing and water access to make it viable for the bison herd and the camps which was...

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Vision Quest Report 2021 Part 2 – "No Charging for Ceremony"

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2021

After the 4 days of purification, I was finally ready to enter the sacred Vision Quest. My mind was finally clear from all the cluttered stories that had been knocking around in my head. My heart was at peace and not caught in the swings of emotions – and for the first time is a long while I felt robust joy from the teaching of humor that was recently revealed. My body felt strong and limber after detoxifying over the past four days. The voice of my spirit was louder and clearer than it had been before. Now I was ready to quest.


The Lineage Vision Quest that I go on each year is ultimately a part of my responsibility to be of service. While many people might Vision Quest for personal reasons, such as for “power or growth”, there comes a point in the spiritual learning journey that you realize true power is only accessible by being in service – by being a “Helper” to the Powers of Creation. The Vision Quest is a way to connect to actual...

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Vision Quest Report 2021 Part 1 – The Teachings of Humor

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2021

As many of you know, each year I do an overnight (or longer) lineage Vision Quest. This year I completed the quest on September 2nd after going through four days of purification rituals. As part of my responsibility to teach, lead, and be a “Helper” of creation I must enter deep communion with the Powers of Creation and the Great Mystery – asking for guidance, support, and healing for all.


During the four days of purification leading up to the quest there were many auspicious occurrences and deep insights. The smoke from massive fires burning along the west coast and Rocky Mountains of North America clouded the sky and dimmed the daylight at my quest location. On the third day of purification the mid-day skies turned dark orange and the evening crickets began to sing in the eerily still air. The world seemed to stand still for a few hours – conveying the message that the imbalances in nature are worsening and need our prayers and actions. In my mind I...

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Video Blog - The Potency of Fire Quests

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2021

1 hour video blog taken from the Potency of Fire Quests webinar. 

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The Bison Project - Male and Female Bison

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2021

One question we often get asked is how to tell the difference between the male and female bison. When first encountering a bison herd it might be difficult to tell the differences, but with a little bit of knowledge and observation, you will find it easy to tell them apart (most of the time). Below are some of more easily observed unique features of the male and female bison.



Size/Weight: Adult male American Bison can weight up to 2,000 pounds, which sets them at the largest animal in North America. An adult female bison is typically only half as heavy. Bison tended in ranches can exceed these weights with food supplements.



Sex Organs: Male bison have a tuft of hair on their belly which indicate the penile shaft.



Horn Shape/Size: In adult males have horns that are wide, stand straight up and are thicker than females. The female horn is slenderer (compared to the males) and have an inward curve.



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Lineage Vision Quest Part 7 - Integrating the Vision

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2021

Once the set duration of the quest has been accomplished, the quester is often retrieved by the person facilitating the quest. The quester is brought back to the village and ceremonially released from the quest. This typically involves a gentle purification ceremony and specific songs. During this final step in the Vision Quest, the quester shares about their experience during the quest with the facilitator of the ceremony. This is opportunity for the facilitator to support the lessons of the quest and the re-integration of the quester. 


After the completion of this final stage of the Vision Quest, the quester is welcomed back by the community.  Often this first occurs by the community feeding the quester.  During this stage the quester may or may not their story with those that are present. This is completely up to the quester to decide. 


Later, after rest and recuperation, the quester may have personal conversations and share the events that...

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Fire Light For Life - Sacred Fire Solstice Ceremony 2021

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2021

Teachings Video Blog:

Fire Light For Life - Sacred Fire Solstice Ceremony


Watch the latest video blog about the world-wide solstice sacred fire ceremonies (Fire Light For Life). On this video the vision of this ceremonial events is share, and guidance on how you can join.  

This is a 1-hour recording. 

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Teachings On Helper Conduct and 2021 Events

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2021
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Lineage Vision Quest Part 6 - Time Alone in the Wilderness  

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

By spending an extended duration in nature, in communion with creation, the quester comes to a deeper state of connection with the dream of creation. While the quester is at their altar they should remain in constant state of communication and reflection.  


During the time alone, the quest should reflect on the intentions of the quest. Why are they there? What are their goals? How can they accomplish these goals and be more effective? There are many reasons to quest but whatever the reason, the quester should focus their thoughts and feelings towards asking the unseen aspects of creation for help.


The quester should remain in a deep reflective state as much as possible – without falling asleep. During the day(s) and night(s) the prayers may become a waking dream. The quester might find themselves going on inner vision journeys or have the sense of visitors that come to them in their mind’s eye.


The quester might also have visitation from...

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Bison Project Late Spring 2021 Update - Running Bison

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

The cold days and nights of winter that took all the excess energy to endure are long gone and replaced by the warm spring rains. The land is renewing from the long winter slumber and providing our bison with the new growth of green plants. As green grass with higher nutritional content is now accessible to the bison, they have more energy to expel. This has given the bison a burst of energy that they often put into running play.

Before tending bison, I never realized just how much they like to play. Many days they seem to relish in running around each other, bumping, and jostling one another. Sometimes they can be witnessed nuzzling and bumping head in a friendly way. They tend their bonds of relationship with brushing against each other and licking each other's sides. As the heat of the day builds, they can often be seen on a hillside lounging together, keeping a watchful eye on the land.

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