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The Fire Tender Day - United Kingdom

This Day is No Longer Available

Sunday, April 30th 2023 - 10am - 4:30pm - Bedfordshire, UK

Cost - Promotional Offer $90.00 -

Usual Price - $145.00 USD


To create fire is one thing, but to tend fire is to develop and deepen the relationship to this element on a whole other level.

To become a true fire tender is when the Fire recognises you.


As a holder of an intimate relationship with fire, I am passionate about supporting others to develop that for themselves. The world needs more people who have a deep connection with Fire. 


If you have ever been captivated by a fire that burns without diminishing, then you have just witnessed a true fire tender at work.


In this fully practical day, we will offer the opportunity to expand and enrich your personal relationship to fire itself. This is achieved as it is with any relationship, by directly tending to it.


You will build a connection within yourself to this elemental force that will be present for the rest of your life and continue to unfold as you work with fires into the future.


We highly recommend this day for anyone seeking to undertake a fire quest in the future. Through relating to fire in this way you can open the possibility to receive more from the quest experience itself. 


This day is open to anyone who wishes to learn not only how to work with fire but to tend it. If you already have experience, then come and take it to the next level or join us to begin the journey of becoming a fire tender. 


The day will be filled with practical opportunities to support you to be a tender of fire in life. 


This course is a stand-alone day; however, combined with the Friction fire day, the skills obtained will extend the connection capacity if you seek to quest with Fire. There will be an opportunity to do this in September 2023 within our annual Teachings of the Fire Gathering.

Here is what we will cover on the day:

  • Practical methods of tending - Tips and tricks
  • Skills that develop fire connectivity - The relationship
  • Understanding fire needs - From basic to advanced techniques
  • Specific fires to meet the need
  • Tending in a sacred manner 
  • Fire as a keeper of knowledge
  • Intention and fire - Need as a vehicle of connection 
  • Fire as a reflection of self
  • When the Fire recognises You - A True Fire Tender


With over 25 years of experience, we love helping people develop their own profound connection with this ancient ancestral relationship with fire.


Upon purchase we will send you joining instructions for the day including what to bring and where to go.


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