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Announcing Fire Light For Life Global Event 2021

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021
In response to the unprecedented events of 2020, last summer we held a collective Sacred Fire initiative, Fire Light for Life,  which so many of you participated in. We called for people to join us in holding fire ceremonies to help support the movement of grief from the loss of human life that accompanied the unfolding of the pandemic. It was an incredible process with fires lit across the globe, unified in our prayer and commitment in support of Life. Thousands of people from more than 50 countries engaged with the initiative on social media and across digital channels.  Fires were held in countries spanning every time zone, rippling around the world. People engaged in whatever way resonated for them, be it the lighting of a candle, sitting with a fire outdoors or the holding of a full 96 hour ceremonial Sacred Fire. 
The global context and future outlook are as challenging as they were at this time last year.  Given the impact of this initiative in 2020, it is clear that the unity of fire and prayer has the potential to create positive ripple effects beyond our immediate connections.  As a result, we intend to hold Fire Light For Life again this summer.  What I have become aware of over the course of the last year is the need for Sacred Fires to support the enormous scale of the loss of life, not just human, but across so many species that is a hallmark of this era. We are at a point where the relationship between life and death is far out of balance and needs support. The ceremonies which have been shared with us through these teachings are deeply rooted in commitment to Life. They have been so carefully held and passed on across the generations to be used in times of great need. We are calling on those following this path to draw on the ceremonial use of Fire to help support Life itself in this time of transition.  Our intention is that a series of Sacred Fires are lit across the globe and that these will act like acupuncture needles for the earth, helping to facilitate the movement that is so needed. 
It feels important this year for the fire to coincide with the solstice, drawing in the energy of the Sun. In the UK we will light the 96 hour Sacred Fire at sunrise on Friday 18th June, tending it out at sunrise on Tuesday 22nd. We are calling on those who feel the resonance of this initiative to join with us to support a global shift.
In love and peace,

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