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Inter-species and Spiritual Communication 1 Hour Webinar

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2020

For more on this fascinating subject join Sal and Jacqueline on April 25th for an extended webinar:Interspecies and Spiritual Communication - Extended Teaching Webinar

Both Sal and Jacqueline are coming together again to bring their teachings of how to communicate across species and to the spiritual realms that can help guide us with the times we now find ourselves in as human beings.

This time it will be on a much deeper level and we will include practices of how you can develop this for yourself.

Within this 4 hour webinar we will offer both deep teachings and practices on:

  • Accessing states of communication outside the human family
  • Seeing through the eyes of other beings
  • Explore the ways in which animal communication can support all animals during times of natural disaster
  • Working with human communication on the same level
  • Spiritual communication and the forms it takes
  • How animal perspectives can support human understanding of life
  • Practices to develop clear communication...
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A Message from Salvatore Gencarelle during the CoronaVirus Pandemic

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020

These challenging times have not been unforeseen. The Wisdom Lineages have warned us that living in a disconnected way will have dire repercussion to humanity. Family and collective health, the balance of the natural environment and the well-being of community has taken second place to the pressures of modern life. 

As much as this virus may cause fear and stress, it is also a great opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and decide what priorities we want to give our energy towards. Take care of youself and your community's health first and foremost - and then take time to truly evaluate the life you want to live after this pandemic ends. 

Here at HMS we provide support to help individuals and communities to navigate challenging times, to heal and to find true well-being. For more information please visit: Helpers Mentoring Society Home

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Addressing the Modern Problems with Traditional Wisdom Webinar

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2020

Addressing the Modern Challenges with Traditional Wisdom


I am sure you are aware the balance of the environment that supports life is swiftly changing. You are a witness to the fires raging across Australia and the hail and dust storms that then follow. Or perhaps you are noticing birds singing their spring songs in mid-winter, or the blossoms of trees out of season.


Nature is revealing to us there are major changes in the biosphere. With these changes come untold challenges - including overwhelming stress! Human are just now collectively starting to experience and acknowledge the real and devastating effects of climate change.


So the question is, 'as individuals, what do we do about this?'


In this video we discuss these topics and more:

  • Prioritizing well-being to gain clarity 
  • Earth-based traditional wisdom as a road map
  • Nature Synchronicity as a guide
  • Developing enhanced spiritual communication 
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Healing the Disconnection Sickness - the Journey of the Helpers

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019


When I was 15 years old, I received deep insight and became hyperaware of the patterns of human interaction with nature. Because there is not a better word for this in the English language, I call this a “Vision.” This profound insight and the accompanying images occurred within my mind but seemed to be projected from the outside – coming down from up above. The Vision shook me to the core of my being and has directed the path of service my life has taken.


The Vision revealed to me the history of how humanity separated from nature. It showed me the current state of degradation of society and separation from the Earth. I was shown an account of humans in our pursuit and exploration of this world. At first, this exploration was healthy and we walked the path nature intended for us. But over time, the separation between humans and the natural world began. As people took dominion over life, our innate ability to understand and communicate with the...

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Intro to Managing Stress with Deep Nature and Spiritual Connection Webinar

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2019

Intro to Managing Stress with Deep Nature and Spiritual Connection 

Learn how to navigate the stress of life and the challenges you face in these times by connection to nature and universal spiritual principles. 

Here is a little of what is in this webinar:

  • Why connection is at the core of well-being
  • Universal spiritual techniques for navigating stress 
  • How to find solutions right outside your front door
  • Exercise, rituals and steps to take now
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Tending Ancestral Relations Webinar

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2019


Tending Ancestral Relations

We are the product of our ancestors lives

It has always been the case that the wisdom of the ancestors has guided the actions of us as humans towards a healthy future. With that connection all but gone what do we face? A disconnection sickness that threatens the very survival of the human family. Our modern cultures lack connection at their heart, the natural world suffers at our own hands, the children have little wisdom or mentoring on how to live in this life. We face these times now, and we chose to come here to be a part of this change.

Connection and healthy relationship to the ancestors holds a key to navigating this healing and creating a healthy more connected future for all our relations to live in.


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Choose to Live a Life of Connection Webinar

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2019

Here's a little of what we cover in the webinar:

  • The Power of Commitment 
  • The Power of Story
  • The Power of Gratitude 


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The Journey of Connection has a Map

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2019

Unaware of Need

There was a time when I also continuously felt the pain of emptiness and hunger of my spirit. I didn’t know what to do, and I resigned myself to the belief that this pain was just a part of life that had to be endured. I too relieved pain with temporary fixes of every manner, yet nothing seemed to satisfy me.


Awakening to Need

It wasn’t until I realized that this feeling of emptiness is akin to the pain of hunger that I understood the aching is just an indicator of the need for healthy connection. That’s when I began to research what really fed my spirit; what filled me up, and what created genuine fulfillment of connection.


Inspiration to Meet Need

When I started on the healing journey of connection I had a preconceived idea of what it would be like. I imagined all the goodness that I’d experience and discovery on this pathway – and what the end results will be like - shining light and with no more troubles.



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Healing the Trauma of Ancestral Line Webinar - Blog

Uncategorized May 16, 2019

If we continue to carry the trauma from our ancestors then this is the legacy we hand to our children. The time to bring our ancestral lines into balance and health is 'now'. 

This can be achieved through some simple, profound ceremonies; through our love, our compassion and our longing for the health and happiness of our grandchildren that is free from the trauma of those who came before us.

Presented in this video is: 

  • An understanding of the importance and responsibility of living our lives in connection to our ancestors and future generations.
  • Epigenetic's: The scientific understanding behind historic trauma.
  • Hope for the future: Traditional ways to wipe away the trauma we may unconsciously carry from our ancestral lineage.

Watch now to find out more about the ways we can cleanse and heal our ancestral lineages to promote not only our own spiritual well-being but to clear the way for those yet to come

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Spirituality and Mental Health Video Blog - Webinar Recording

Uncategorized May 07, 2019

Spirituality is the innate aspect of being human. We have a natural capacity to be spiritual. The search for meaning and purpose in life is a central pillar of spirituality.

In more modern times, it has been reframed as a ‘feeling’ of connectedness or mystery to be named without the dogma of any religion or tradition. Within the field of ‘deep nature connection, the direct embodied experiences in nature provide access to the connection.

In this recording we explore the restorative qualities and wisdom inherent in nature, sharing ways and understandings that enable us to ‘Thrive in Uncertain Times’. Many of us have become so shielded and isolated from what nourishes our inner being that we are starving for connection.

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