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Nature is Speaking - Do you Hear it? - With Jacqueline Buckingham and Salvatore Gencarelle

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2020

It is our birth right as a human being to be able to connect to nature. Connection is great but what do we learn from the interactions with others? When a being of nature sits close to you do you ever get the sense that it is communicating with you? This is occurring all the time if we have the ears and the awareness to hear it.


In this video both Jacqueline and Sal will explore the connection between human beings and our natural relatives on this earth and delve into the relationship that is present between us and how we can learn to perceive the messages that are so important at this time. We will look at how through these relationships we can seek guidance in our lives. Nature is reaching out to the human family in loving desperation for us to change and live in a different way. Join us to learn to hear the messages that can inform us how to live.

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The Potential of a Connected Human Being

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2020

We know that a connected individual can help the healing of others, but can we physically impact our environment through our own connections? Can we bring balance back to nature and have it thrive once again? In this video we explore what true miracles are possible if we walk a connected life. We call this the Helpers Journey and it is one of the reasons we created our 8 month program of the same name to help create truly connected human beings. 

Motivate by the love of nature and the earth - How can I help?

Knowing that human have a capacity that is untapped -but how to access it?


Story of meeting Godfrey – witnessing miracles – can I do this?

  • Learning what are the consciousness of creation – the unseen powers
  • Learning the consciousness of nature – the layers of creation.
  • Learning the Visionary states.
  • Coming to understand my own humanity.

Experiencing the connections – making relationship with it all.

Becoming the immune system of...

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An Invitation: 1 Month Of Prayer For The Earth (Nov 21 - Dec 21, 2020)

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2020

Dear all 

Throughout the turmoil of this year, we have found the ceremonies of this lineage to have been of profound support and an opportunity for deep, deep listening to how to best be in service to life.  We are reaching out to everyone we know who is deeply committed to the creation of a healthier world to join their prayers with others around the globe to help re-energize the Earth. 


This whole year has been a time of transition and great change for everyone and, as we have all experienced, prayer is one of our strongest anchors in these times.  Moggie shared a call-out with us from the indigenous Australian elders who are seeking to enable simultaneous prayers around the world to help re-energize the earth by intensifying and increasing the global network of love and light, culminating with a collective prayer on the 21st December. Details of the original request are given below.  


In order to build a depth of connection within this time...

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What Is Healing? - A Lineage Perspective

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

Defining Healing: 

  • What is right - that which supports and increase the biological diversity. 
  • What is wrong - that which destroys life's diversity.


A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise. ~ Aldo Leopold


We have a concept of righting the wrong as passed down through the lineage teachings:

Mission Statement - To right the wrongs for health and well-being now and in service to the future generations.


What increases physical manifested life? Just to be clear, there life in spirit and there is physical life. They are not the same. 


  1. Working with to the spirit energy to bring about the conditions which physical life can exist and thrive. Creating the healthy environment.


  1. Working with the spirit energy to support the current and new manifesting forms. (Being in right relationships to change).


Bushman wisdom - the ropes of...

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The Cross Roads Of Healing

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020


After years of investigation, I believe that many of us subconsciously know that our life is not meeting our deepest needs on some level, yet we accept the world as it is.


We know that life is supposed to be more. It should be filled with interconnectedness, nourishing experiences, growth, learning, and the actualization of our creative genius. Subconsciously we know that life is meant to be an opportunity to explore what it means to develop a self-identity, to be in relationships with others, to understand our place in the universe.


Unfortunately, we were born into societies that are unable to meet our fundamental needs. We know something is not right in the world; something is lacking that we cannot quite put our finger on. We instinctively know that our inner spiritual center is not being developed the way it is supposed to be.


By the time we consciously understand this as adults we already have the culmination of years of lack of guidance...

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Developing A Relationship With The Ancestors

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

In this 1 hour video we will explore how we as human beings alive today can be a vessel for the healing of the relationship to the ancestors and the effects this can have both now and into the future. Being alive holds the gift and responsibility for both the past and the future.


Where did I start to understand the value of the ancestral connection?

My greatest teacher of ancestral connection was Godfrey’s fathers Ellis Chipps.

  • Story of meeting Godfrey – after father died.
  • Starting to help in ceremony – passing out the food.
  • Witnessing the spirit plate.
  • Asking about what this is about. Why do we feed the dead?
  • Later, after moving to South Dakota, taking the spirit plate up to the graves site.
  • Having dreams of the ancestors I’ve never met: healing and helping me.
  • What my relationship to my ancestors – can they be part of my life?
  • Feeling into my powerfully connected ancestors – helpers and healers, leaders, and lawyers,...
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The Bison Project - Healing Nature, People and Culture

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2020

Over the past 6 months, Helpers Mentoring Society has taken the initial steps in creating a long-term vision we are calling the Bison Project. The Bison Project endeavors to create a regenerative bison (American Buffalo) management program which brings healing and connection to the land, people, and traditional Native American culture. We have purchased three young bison, including two yearling heifers and one male calf to start our initial herd. Over the past months, many hours have been spent improving our fences and creating holding pens for feeding and watering. We have also been studying and learning how to holistically manage bison and land for the health and abundance of the ecosystem. 



The teachings of Helpers Mentoring Society’s founder, Sal Gencarelle, was primarily informed through his almost three decades of apprenticing and learning the spiritual/cultural practices of the Lakota Sioux – specifically the Woptura lineage. His years of...

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Ancestral Healing Fire - Video Blog

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

How is the current challenging state of the world related to the unhealed trauma of the ancestors? How is this unhealed trauma affecting the thinking and decisions of people alive now? What can we do about this?

In this 42 minute video Sal Gencarelle presents about healing the ancestral connection to help heal the current challenges. The unhealed grief for the ancestors are causing the modern expressions of trauma. 

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Community Grief Transformation Video Blog

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020

In this 1:20 teaching video Sal Gencarelle presents about the need for community grief transformation. Healing grief in the absence of community is difficult at best. So much of the grief and pain that people current experience in modern society is because of isolation. People need community and the community needs people dedicated to healing. Watch the video and learn more about this incredibly important and often misunderstood aspect of healing.

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Cleansing Away The Dust of Death

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2020

The Cleansing or Wipe Down Ceremony goes back to the days of tribal warfare when the warriors of different groups would meet in the battle fields and sometime these conflicts would lead to death. It’s important to understand that warfare in those days was not like war now. At that time war was about gaining honors and the best way to do that was to touch or strike your enemy and get away with out being touched yourself. This could be done with a hand or even a stick, some time called a Coup Stick. The act of agility, stealth, and bravery was called Counting Coup. Warfare was more of an intense physical exercises or sport – but at times people would end up dead.


Now, killing an enemy was not the goal, but it was also not a looked down upon as life and death was better understood when living so close to nature. But what was recognized is that the act of killing someone, even accidentally, has spiritual, emotional, and mental ramifications. It was known that...

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