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The Four Sacred Beings

Uncategorized Feb 29, 2024

The Sun, Moon, Thunder Beings and Stone

Godfrey, my teacher, was a very powerful Native American healer. He held vast wisdom of his culture and his ancestry – many whom were medicine men and medicine women for generations back.  He explained that there are four things essential to life upon the Earth, and if we connect to these 'Sacred Beings', we’re essentially connecting to what supports/creates all life. By connecting to the consciousness of one of these four, or in any combination, then we are accessing the power of life itself. And, if we communicate to those four things, then it calls attention to our communication because it recognizes the power of life. He explained that when we connect to these Sacred Beings, we are witnessed and heard.

He gave guidance on a statement to say which addresses the Sacred Beings before going further into communication. The statement is presented below in both Lakota and English, along with a detailed translation. 

Hó Aŋpétu Wi na Haŋhépi Wi na Waȟúpakoza na Iŋyaŋ, lená oyásiŋ wakȟáŋ  k’un wičhakiksuya wahínažiŋ.

The Sun, the Moon, the Thunder Beings, and the Stone; as I stand here, I remember those that are forever sacred.

Detailed Translation: 

Hó – Well

Aŋpétu Wi – Daytime Sun

Haŋhépi Wi – Nighttime Sun

waȟúpakoza – Winged ones

Íŋyaŋ – Stone/rock

Lená – These

Oyásiŋ – All/Forever

Wakȟáŋ  – Mysterious/Sacred

K’un - the aforesaid

Wičhakiksuya – Remember This

Wahínažiŋ – I stand/present myself, stand here


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