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Thive in Joy Interview with Kate Sutherland

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2024

A conversation with Kate Sutherland, the author of, Thrive in Joy: Gathered Wisdom for Navigating Challenging Times. This book is a collection of go-to practices, stories and perspectives for "resetting" during hardship, put together from a series of interviews with more than forty contributors. The pages contain thoughtful reflections from a diversity of voices about how to cultivate joy during challenging times. It's a call to spread light, to trade and plant seeds of hope, and to support each other in celebrating the elements in our lives that make us shine and thrive. Discover new ways to bring more joy into your own life, whether by trying something from this book, or by learning to recognize and activate what brings you joy. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle and 'Thrive in Joy' author, Kate Sutherland.


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