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Personal Spiritual Knowing - Guidance for the Coming Times

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2024

Over and over, we have been shown that to live in the future we must change. The environment and human condition tell us that it suffers at our disconnected hands. We can perceive the disconnection in the ongoing inability of human beings to find peace together or live in accordance with natural law. But how do we change? What are the steps that must be taken to ensure life thrives into the future? Personal spiritual knowing is how! We start the change by knowing ourselves fully as part of this creation – and then finding our place with the Creative Powers. To know oneself requires a profound knowing of your own spiritual connection. It’s time to develop yourself to the point where spiritual communication is clear and guidance is easily perceived without the static of disconnection. The time is now to obtain this level of personal, authentic, and sovereign spiritual authority. There may not be an opportunity to do this in the future! 

Know oneself:

The patterns of development

The knowing is in the doing – knowing = being


Tending Purification – Must continually ‘update’ or re-synchronize with the natural creative process (nature) – renewing one’s alignment to life in body, heart, mind, spirit.

Ways of Purification:

  • Immersive time in nature (deep connection) quality over quantity
  • Meditation – purification of the mind
  • Expressing authentic emotions – allowing space for the heart to feel fully – creating containers which allow this.
  • Body – environmental extremes, breathing exercises, the “remembrance technique”, exercise which produces perspiration – cleansing the body.
  • Spirit – Focusing on the deepest “why” of existence – alignment and purpose – what is the dream of your life.

Best way to access all purification at once – sweat lodge.


Tending Relationship – one’s identity is constructed from all the interconnectedness within and externally. Tending relationships is tending oneself.  How well your tending relationships will directly affect one’s well-being. Ensuring that you're aware of how you are in relation to all aspects of life.


  • Self – body, heart, mind, spirit – How are you tending yourself, listening to the parts of yourself, in unity within. Where are you in conflict and how to resolve the conflicts. Knowing Self – 4 parts – body, heart, mind, spirit - and works on congruence with all part of self (connection and unity) - Gratitude (connect heart and mind)
  • Nature/self – The immersed exploration of nature is an exploration of learning self. Relationship to the natural world provides a purity of relationship and metaphor learning. Nature connection – knowing place.
  • Community/self – The commitment to being part of and serving the community. Other people provide a learning of our humanity. How can you serve?
  • Spirit - Unseen – the aspects of life that are not necessarily physical presence in our life (ancestors, future generations, spiritual beings, creative forces, Great Mystery, God. Do you know how to pray?

In all categories reflect on how I am in relationship to the various aspects of life? Is it healthy, happy, connective, or otherwise? Are you Committed to the Vision of Life?


Tending Meaning – What do you focus on? Where do you give your attention? Is the meaning you make of the experiences and the situations of the world resourceful or unresourceful?


  • Reflect and recognize your choice of meaning that you’re making about yourself, relationships, and the world. If you want a better reality, then make more positive meaning.
  • Make better questions that are angled towards the positive.
  • Purification must be part of the meaning making process.

Book reference - Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl


Tending Death – death is the doorway to true spiritual knowledge and connection. If we know death and we know what beyond death. The spirit existence is greater than the physical existence. Our fear of death is often the last aspect of control that can be used against us. To be actual, authentically spiritually sovereign in this life, the fear of death must be overcome.


  • Don’t avoid death – know the death of the life in the food you consume.
  • Look to your relationship to those you know who have passed – your ancestors (build a relationship)
  • Let death be your guide. Know your destiny is to die, so live each day considering that it could be your last.
  • Prepare for your death – are you living a life that you can walk upright into death. If not, make changes.
  • Know that what you're giving your days to is what you are sacrificing your life for – it is worthy of your life and your death.
  • Vision Quest – face the little death in sacrifice for the greater purpose:



Knowing and aligning to your deepest “WHY”. The deepest why of your story is part of a greater story of life. You are here for a reason that when you embody – you will have access to Vision. The Vision of your life is connected into the greater Vision of Life. Your being is part of the Powers of Creation – so you become a representative of the Powers to humanity and the Earth.


Manifestation/Being a Helper:

Doing work in the world to Help. Servicing the Vision of Life – for all your relations.


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