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Navigating the Transformation - Deep Listening and Ceremony

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2023

Humanity’s need to change is intensely apparent as we witness the escalation of world events. The health of the environment that supports life is shifting, and its ability to stay in balance is beyond a physical solution. As the ongoing conflicts across the world increase, the mental health of people is pushed further and further towards the edge. It is clear a vast change is needed. People are being instructed by LIFE that we need to transform into a more connected reality to survive - but how do we navigate our way through the worldwide consciousness shift?


In a recent Vision Quest, we were offered deep insight into traversing these difficult times. The Quest revealed a path that potentially lies ahead of us and what we need to live through these massive shifts in the world. In this free webinar, we will offer the guidance and messages from the Quest and how we can apply these teachings to our lives. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle, Founder of Helpers Mentoring Society.


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