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Setting Intentions for Connection Webinar

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2024

With the New Year now here, we are offered the opportunity to reflect upon the year past and to set intentions for the next seasons. Finding a connected, clear, and passionate intention creates the opportunity to lay a pathway into our future - not just as individuals but holistically with creation. The Universe has a foundation based on relationship connectivity. For too long, people have ignored its place in this web of relativity, causing a fraying of the web-of-life upon the Earth. In setting intentions for the future, we must reach beyond ourselves and seek guidance from both the natural world and the spiritual. Connecting our personal intentions to nature and spirit ensures alignment with the flow of life - so creative power can guide us. In this free webinar, we discuss the importance of orientation to connection in supporting the setting of intentions. We offer ways to develop the understanding and connectivity to guide our intentions, goals, and action – in support of LIFE. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle, Founder of Helpers Mentoring Society.

What is happening in the world currently? Physical transformation of the Earth.

What is the role of the people in this transformation? Spiritual healing – what does this mean? New consciousness – new ways of relating to the inner and outer world. Moving away from short term and selfish (self-centered) thinking to a collective/communal/collaborative/systemic consciousness. Awareness of the “Web-of-life” – and thinking, feeling, being, and acting from that place of heightened/newly developed consciousness.

What is sacred – that which is connected?

Can humans be sacred? How? – This is what we call a human being.

Can humans be profane? 


Setting intentions – relies on asking questions:

What do you want?

What does nature want?

What does spirit/unseen want?

What does the flow of life want? (Power of Creation)

What do the future generations want?


For clear intentions minds/heart must be united (thinking and feeling). Otherwise, there will be conflict within and resolving this conflict will become all consuming. When you recognize your state is an internal conflict – then start with gratitude about what you are truly grateful for – and then after truly being in a state of gratitude, consider the internal conflict. Doing this in a space you find supports a sense of peace is best (nature, meditation, during a walk, after exercise, in a bath, shower, swimming, by a body of water).

Once you have an agreed and clear connection between your heart and mind take these steps in a supportive environment. For me this is typically at an inipi altar, with or without a ceremony happening (nature/altar/spiritual access/purification)


Actions to take:

1st Recognize:  What do you hold in your heart (what do you love)? Feel that love and gratitude. Let this be your power source. 

2nd What awareness do you have of the problems/tensions/challenges in life. Know that your sensitivity to these problems is part of your gift – sensitivity arises from your unique awareness.

3rd Your awareness of the issues is a guide, but not an opportunity to be a victim. You’re the change you seek in this world – be empowered. What is your personal intention for the next 12 months (general). What is your general personal intention (don’t go into specifics)

Maybe a skill, an action, growth in life (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), finance, relationship, community, family?

This is normally where people stop – selfishness.

4th Take your personal intention to intentions to nature – reflect your intention in nature. Ask what nature thinks of your intention. Be open to signs, feeling, ‘knowing’. Ask nature how your intention is connected to it and how it needs to be adjusted or reworked.

5th Take what you’ve received from the process with nature and connect to the unseen aspects of life (Creative Consciousness/Creator, ancestors, future generations) What unfolding of creation advises regarding your intention (this is best done through a ceremonial tradition).


Now form a clear intention(s) from this understanding which you feel in your heart, think in your mind, sense in your body, and know in your spirit – write it down and don’t tell anyone.


If you want, get creative and make it into a picture, cut out images of what you want, draw it, make it into art over the next weeks/months.

Keep in a place where you can look at often – even daily. When you read/look at the intention feel the love and empowerment of your intentions – then make sure to do something each day. Trust in the process.


Each day celebrate what has been accomplished, feel gratitude – this is the water for the growth of your intention. 


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