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Bison People Land Spring 2024 Update

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2024

Over the past winter months, Bison People Land's support staff has been focused on supporting the small herd to thrive through the long cold season. Now that spring has arrived, the new shoots of green grass are a welcome sight to the managers - and the bison! The three members of our herd are still eating from the winter hay bales but can now nibble on the fresh grass. 


Over the past fall and winter, we've successfully added new grazing pastures for the bison to forage. One of the major hurdles was getting the perimeter fence installed. Now that the land has been fenced and we are having a well drilled to provide a water source, we will have the option to expand the herd with new members. Stay tuned for more information as we grow Bison People Land into the next phase of expansion!


If you would like to support Bison People Land you can make a donation by following the link below. Your support will go directly to the Bison Project to make the Vision of bison returning to the land a reality.

With gratitude for new life.

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