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Woptura Lineage Sacred Songs - Digital Version

 These songs teach us about life 

For the first time the 4 Generations Woptura Lineage songs are now available as a digital version.

Volume 1 - Inipi Wakan Olowan (Sacred Sweat Lodge Songs)

Volume 2 - Hanbleciya Wakan Olowan (Sacred Vision Quest songs)

Volume 3 - Cancega Wakan (Sacred Drum)

Volume 4 - Canupa Wakan (Sacred Pipe)

Both the songs and the sleeve containing the song words both in Lakota and English are downloadable for you to take anywhere

Each volume holds different songs for different uses and should to be utilised in the highest conduct

These songs are sung by Benjamin Godfrey Chipps Sr. (deceased). He is a Lakota from the Oglala Sioux tribe. He is a 4th generation Yuwipi Spiritual Interpreter and the great grandson of the fame Holy Man Woptura

These songs are spirit given and are to be used respectfully in sacred ceremony

100% of the proceeds goes to support this family lineage on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota


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