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Living Connection Course Series

Live a Life of Connection 

Learn simple and effective techniques to find purpose and passion and transform your life. In this 4-week interactive course series, you will be introduced to a series of tools and techniques for living a life of connection.

Course Content: 

Four weeks of daily content posted on the course website. Each day you will receive new simple ways to connect and grow to create transformation in your life. Each week is focused on a different area of connection and growth. You can also interact with experienced mentors through the comments section of the course. 

  • Week 1 State of Gratitude - Practices to connect your heart and mind in unity. 
  • Week 2 Natural Connections - Building your felt sense and awareness of the natural world. 
  • Week 3 Knowing Self - Developing your creativity, passion, and power in who you are.
  • Week 4 Ropes of Connection - The principles of relationship which can help every facet of life.

Why are some people fulfilled while others search endlessly? Life is full of decisions, but our highest calling to learn to live in connection is ageless.

People are beings of connection, learning, growth, and self-awareness. For as long as we have existed many cultures have understood this truth. In the past couple of millennia, this understanding has become eroded through repeated trauma and unhealed grief. Many people have lost the knowledge of how to attain true fulfillment but, fortunately, not everyone. The teachings of the Living Connection Course Series come to us at this time of desperate searching. 

The Living Connection Courses have been informed by incredible knowledge that was passed down through unbroken wisdom lineages to us here and now.

This course series is an excellent introduction to the valuable material delivered by Helpers Mentoring Society. You will learn the practical application of the teachings immediately in your life!

Testimonials - What people are saying about the teachings of Helpers Mentoring Society:

I have never seen any other teachings quite like this, that have such a deeply transformative impact on the participants, as well as their families and communities. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to participate with HMS society programs and community. - Kathrine 

I am deeply grateful for this journey and all I have learned and experienced through it, and know this will continue to ripple through my life for many years to come. - Emma

It is enabling me to have my own personal relationship with the unseen forces of the universe; much like I have relationships to many things in my life, like my wife, friends, family, dog et al. I've found it to be enriching and empowering, and for me it's taken 'spirituality' from the esoteric to the pragmatism of everyday life. - Kurt

Take the plunge into the life that you desire. Full of gratitude, self-awareness, creativity, and love. This course will give you practices that you can immediately implement into your life for this to become a reality.


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