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Vision Quest Report 2022 - Connecting to the Soul

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2022

I’m writing this blog today having just returned from a two-week teaching and ceremony adventure to Switzerland and England. The events were transformative, and it was wonderful to re-connect with familiar people and meet numerous people new to HMS – including many from France who attended the Switzerland event.


Each year I do a Vision Quest as part of my responsibility to help and guide the HMS community. These Vision Quests are an opportunity to receive direct guidance from spirit to support the community by tapping into what is most important over the next year.


This year I did my overnight Lineage Prayer Quest at the end of September. It’s taken some time to write the message due to the many webinars, online courses, and work on the land in preparation for winter – which is now here with the deep cold and snow. The slow down which occurs during the winter months has given me the time and space to share the aspects of this year's quest.


The information that I can share from the quest focuses on the understanding of prayer. This topic was the intention of a three-part webinar called “What is Prayer”. Here are some of the highlights of this webinar series that was directly inspired by my annual Vision Quest:


Simplest prayers - unity between heart and mind.  Most easily accomplished through sincere gratitude.


Embodied prayers – unity between heart, mind, and body. The alignment of emotions, thoughts, and body sensations (sometimes felt as a sense of expansion). These types of prayers often are about something/someone beyond self - big love.


Spirit level prayers - unity between heart, mind, body, and spirit. The prayer that emanates from the immortal consciousness of spirit. These types of prayers often are about the spiritual journey/destiny (highest purpose in life).


Soul Level prayer - unity between heart, mind, body, and spirit/soul. The prayer of creation/creator moving through you - becoming the voice of the creation. These prayers unify with the universal soul that interconnects all creation. This is literally the unity of creation being expressed through an individual.


The Power of Questions


Another aspect of the quest that was also important to share is about the power of questions. I’ve taught many times about the way the world gives us “biofeedback”. We live in a responsive creation that interacts with us based on our states of being. This biofeedback principle is highly influenced by the questions we are asking. What was shown to me in the quest was that this is a principle of the universe – what I’m calling the Question Driven Universe Principle. The essence of this principle is that questions are what guides the unfolding of the universe. This is applicable to our own lives by understanding how to work with it. Here is some guidance:


How to work with the Question Driven Universe Principle - 

  1. Understand that questions have power (create an effect which brings a response).
  2. Be mindful of what questions you’re asking, embodying, feeling, or being driven by spiritually.
  3. Ask good questions - frame questions with clarity of desired outcome. Best if the questions are simpler and aligned with system needs (i.e., connection, fulfillment, creativity, growth, service to higher order of things).


The best question we can ask about anything is to develop a positive point of view of life:


 “How is the helping me?”


If you’d like to learn more about these teachings, I recommend accessing the 3-part What is Prayer webinar series. This can be found at the links below.


What is Prayer Series - Part One - How to Pray


What is Prayer Series - Part Two - Perceiving the Response


What is Prayer - Part Three - Living the Prayer



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