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What is Prayer - Part Three - Living the Prayer

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In the concluding webinar of our three-part series on What is Prayer, we will focus on Living the Prayer.


There is are common misconception about how the spiritual realm interacts with the physical. This is especially true around the process of prayer. In the previous two webinars in the What is Prayer series, we've offered some clarity on how to express prayer and how to recognize/receive answers. In this next webinar we continue offering clarity to the process by which the human being plays an active part in actualizing the prayer upon the earth.


The modern belief that you pray for something and it gets given to you is incorrect and requires a reorientation to the process. In this final webinar in the series, we will explore the human being's active role in the process of becoming the answer to the prayer.


We must be willing to be what we seek in the world for it to manifest and make a difference. 


We are responsible for what we know.


Within this lineage, we understand that we are responsible for what we know. If we genuinely seek the change, we must be willing to be the vehicle that actively creates the difference. 


Living the Prayer is how we can become the Earth's answer to the human and environmental issues - and more. As we perceive the wrongs through life, we pray for health and happiness to be restored. Following the prayer process, we become the leading edge of creativity upon the Earth by being the vehicle through which the change occurs. Through us, our actions, and our continued relationship to creation, we can manifest the health and happiness that we pray for upon the earth.


We must become what it is we pray for. 


There is massive support from the Spirit to help this manifestation to take place when we are in alignment with life, but we have to be active in the process. 


Join us for the concluding part of our what is prayer series, where we will share stories, experiences, and teachings on how to live the prayer.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Your 'Mani' - your walk in life.
  • Wanting what you pray for.
  • Becoming the answer to your prayer.
  • Prayer is a request for experience.
  • We are responsible for what we know - Be clear what you're asking for. 
  • Commitment to life - Commit to healing.
  • Continuous relationship with creation.
  • Understanding challenge in relation to the prayer we have made.
  • Support from the Mystery.
  • The Prayer Process -  Pray/Listen/Live/Repeat.
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