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What is Prayer Series - Part One - How to Pray

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In the first of our three-part series on What is Prayer we will focus on How to Pray. Prayer directly affects what manifests within our lives, so praying sincerely and with consciousness is crucial. Prayer is one of the many aspects of being human that can have an extremely powerful effect when activated to its potential. However, it needs to be approached in a connected manner. 


The need for prayer is clearly evident today as we see the strong transitions that are taking place globally because of long-term human disconnection. 


The modern perspective often misunderstands prayer. Prayer can end up being a lifeless set of words or even the misguided attempt to control - often just seeking comfort and safety.


Prayer is not solely about a self-centered wish or desire. It is a heartfelt cry out to creation around a need. This need is not just isolated within the self; it is a need within creation itself that is potentially manifesting within us to be brought back into balance. Praying for what we truly need can affect change within the external world. But how do we go about this process?


Prayer is ultimately not for oneself. It is for the creation that we are a part of.


True prayer involves all levels of our being. When achieved, it has an energy that creates movement and a response from creation. It is filled with purpose and love and is a deep cry from the heart. True prayer can create miracles. Prayer is not a thing we do; it is a process we embark upon. Approaching prayer in the right way will affect the response and what manifests in our lives. We will explore this more in the rest of the What is Prayer series.


Prayer is not a well-crafted speech. It is a cry from the heart.


Join us for the first in this 3-part series, where we will offer teachings and practices on the 'How' of praying to support you to bring about the most efficacious prayer that supports life.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Prayer from the Lineage perspective
  • Four parts of self - Where are you praying from
  • The modern problem - Heart and mind disconnection
  • Sacred Questions - The art of developing true prayer
  • Want vs Need
  • Knowing what is in your heart - Identifying the need.
  • Understanding the motivation for the prayer
  • Placing the prayer within the context of life
  • Making efficacious prayers
  • Building the energy of prayer
  • Everyday practices to develop Sacred Questions within self


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