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What is a Sweat Lodge?

The Helper's Mentoring Society is dedicated to helping the modern, everyday person become more fully developed through the practice of traditional ceremonies and teachings. We offer online courses, literature, retreats, gatherings, and more to make this mission a reality. For more information about us, click here, or get started on a Free Course on Gratitude by signing up here.

The Native American Sweat Lodge: An Introduction

The Native American Sweat lodge is one of the most profound healing and transformative indigenous ceremonies that I know. At the age of 16 I attended my first traditionally run Sweat Lodge and personally experienced the power and beauty of this ceremony. I’ve repeatedly witnessed this transformative and restorative power of the sweat lodge for over 23 years.

Sweat Lodges Around the World

There are many forms of the sweat therapy found across the world, from the European sauna to the Japanese Sento. Understanding of how sweating in a...

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What is a Vision Quest?

The ceremony of the Vision Quest is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose. A Vision Quest can provide deep understanding to people, helping them to understand their role in life.

Vision Quest of the Past

Vision Quest is one of the original ceremonial techniques, practiced by all people of every culture. In many ancient cultures these types of ceremonies were part of a person’s learning journey in life. The Vision Quest is often used as a Rite of Passage, marking the transition between childhood and full acceptance into society as an adult. A person’s first Vision Quest is typically done during their transformative teenage years. It is when a child’s mind begins to understand complex abstract concepts that this ceremony is the most applicable – and needed. Through a Vision Quest, a young person develops a healthy relationship with this newly forming power of the creative mind. A Vision Quest helps the teenager to...

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