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The Journey of Connection has a Map

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2019

Unaware of Need

There was a time when I also continuously felt the pain of emptiness and hunger of my spirit. I didn’t know what to do, and I resigned myself to the belief that this pain was just a part of life that had to be endured. I too relieved pain with temporary fixes of every manner, yet nothing seemed to satisfy me.


Awakening to Need

It wasn’t until I realized that this feeling of emptiness is akin to the pain of hunger that I understood the aching is just an indicator of the need for healthy connection. That’s when I began to research what really fed my spirit; what filled me up, and what created genuine fulfillment of connection.


Inspiration to Meet Need

When I started on the healing journey of connection I had a preconceived idea of what it would be like. I imagined all the goodness that I’d experience and discovery on this pathway – and what the end results will be like - shining light and with no more troubles.


Working to Meet Need

When the actual journey didn’t match up with what is in the mind, I became disheartened. This is what, oftentimes, takes a person off the path of connection. But, with the companionship of MENTORING, there is support and guidance to walk the path of connection and find new and unimagined growth. Fortunately, I found a mentor to guide me through the obstacles, to help me understand the discomfort that comes with healing unconscious patterns, to encourage my growth, and to help me find true Vision and Purpose.


Fulfillment of Need

On my personal journey of connection, one thing I found was that the energy of connection comes in many forms and that we need many relationships for our spirits to be well fed. We wouldn’t eat the same food every day and expect to be healthy very long. Our spirits are not that much different. We need the soul level nourishment acquired through deep relationships to ourselves, to other people, to nature, and to the spirit.


Helping Other Address Their Need

Now having walked the path of connection and learned the lesson of healing and growth, I can help guide others on the path. I’ve taught the principles of connection to people around the world. As people have learned to increase the ecology of their connection network, the sense of emptiness that was so pronounced in their lives all but vanishes.


A Community of Support to Meet the Needs of Connection

At Helpers Mentoring Society we aim to stand beside you every step of the way to walk the pathway of healing through connection. To help you find your highest purpose within life. To find fulfillment. 

We have created a pathway for those seeking a way forward from the lack of connection to fulfillment. The path starts with the Living Connection Course, then on to the Helper's Journey, and continues to the private courses of The Living Fire, and The Maps of the Mentor. From there, those called to become facilitators of people's connection to themselves and the unseen Powers of Creation we offer the courses called Heart and Song, Life Within, Healing for Life, and Vision and Purpose. We also offer Personal Mentoring, specific courses such as Journey into Womanhood, Language of the Land, and live events and workshops


Mapping the Web of Connection:

Take this opportunity to map out your current connections and find where the connections you so desire are lacking. Examine the web of connection you have access to now, and the web you want to create.

On a piece of paper write the four categories of connection across the top of the page; SELF, PEOPLE, NATURE, and UNSEEN. Underline these categories and then make horizontal lines between each one, creating columns beneath each category. Now, ask yourself what healthy nourishing relationships you currently have in each category and write them down in the appropriate column

Once you have compiled these four lists, you now have a way of examining the nourishing relationships that you have, the connection points that need to be tended, and then perhaps you can even identify new relationships that need to be activated. This list can help guide you in building your ropes of connection and finding the spiritual nourishment that your soul needs to thrive.



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