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The Helper's Journey 2020: Connection, Community, Leadership, Hope

Helper's Journey is our Premier 7-month life changing course

Relaunching in 2020!

The Helper's Journey is the pre-requisite for all other year-long advanced facilitation courses offered by Helpers Mentoring Society.

When: Relaunching Early 2020 

For Who: This course is open to anyone who is committed to transformation, healing, and connection. 

Where: From your own home on line, through Webinars, Social Media and Monthly Group phone calls that are easy to access anywhere in the world, bi-weekly calls 

Cost: TBA 

* Optional week-long experiential gatherings will be held around the world that can be booked separately.

The way for life to continue and flourish into the future.

At the heart of the Helper's Journey is a unique, powerful and ancient body of knowledge full of understanding, wisdom, and experience. This has been combined with modern therapies and technologies. These teachings are not just theoretical or philosophical, they have been tried and tested in the crucible of life and guided by real-life experience in modern times.

The Helper’s Journey will provide: 

· Knowledge of your place in the “Vision of Life”, how to step into your highest purpose
· Transformation of old and ineffective patterns into your 'Gift'
· Access to your creative potential and how to put it into action
· Learn how to create healthy relationship with yourself, nature and others
· Connect with a regional community linked to a global community of others on this path of healing
AND so much more!!!

Course Content:

  • Global Group Mentoring Calls, assignments and sharing experiences with a global network
  • Small Group Mentoring with a Connection Specialist 
  • Network with regional centers and mentors
  • Regional Group Calls
  • E-course – Text, Audio, Visual, Monthly Assignments and Private Social Media Groups

Group Call Times:

  • Global Group Mentoring Coaching Calls - TBA
  • Regional Group Calls - TBA  
  • Small Group Mentoring with Connection Specialist - TBA

Continue reading for more information on the Helper's Journey:

It feels like it is becoming more and more difficult to find real spiritual, natural and human connection in our modern lifestyles. The world has become more polarized and contentious. The future is looking dim for the health and well-being of humanity. 

Some people are turning towards possible solutions, placing their hope in political systems and new technologies, and many people are losing hope in a positive future and resigning themselves to a seemingly inevitable end. Underneath our fear for the futures generations and the future of the planet, we can feel a deep need in our bones to find a way forward. If humanity is to survive we are going to have to come to terms with this great change and adapt our behavior so that we can come back into healthy relationships with each other and with the natural world.

Changing the external environment doesn’t change the internal environment - wherever we go, there we are. The only place for us to start from is within, but as we begin to take personal responsibility for making the changes we want to see in the world we will inevitably come up against our own old patterns of behavior and response.  The transformation we seek must also occur at that deeper level of consciousness if it is to be sustained.  

We want to see a positive change in the world, but the question that we all face is what can we do as individuals?

The Helpers Journey program offers a different way to see, feel and explore your understanding of yourself and your relationship to all aspects of life and the world around you. It provides a path for the great spiritual healing needed. It will take you on a profound expedition inside yourself, guiding you towards a deeper level of self-awareness to uncover the unique gifts that only you can bring to the world. It will give you techniques and exercises to help you become the person you have been longing to be. You’ll find alignment with your most creative self and the knowledge that there is hope and a world of peace and connection can be a reality.  It will bring you together with other like-minded people and into a global community that is committed to a different way of living so that all life can thrive

The Helper’s Journey guarantee: In the first month of this course (before attending the gathering), if you’re not seeing the impact of this course in your life, there is a money back guarantee. 

The Stages of the Helper's Journey

Part 1.
Inspired Creativity – Connecting with creativity through the spark of inspiration. Coming into alignment with a hopeful and purposeful future.

Part 2.
Essence of Intimacy – Developing connection awareness on all levels. Awakening and learning the principles that will enhance internal and external relationships. 

Part 3.
Elements of Ceremony – Building the web of connection to the elements of nature. Creating a personal network of connectivity between oneself and the natural world. 

Part 4.
Spirit of Connection – Building and strengthening the ropes of connection to the Powers of Creation. Creating a true friendship with the unseen. Expanding the relationship of self beyond the physical world.

Part 5.
Humanity’s Peace – Learning to be at peace with others. Learning to be at peace with oneself. Letting go of entanglements and judgments. Purifying relationships and finding unity within the human family and strengthening the bonds of community. 

Part 6.
Hope through Service – Developing the understanding that through the sharing of one’s gift we connect with our highest selves. Conscious alignment with one’s calling and releasing any resistance.

Part 7. 

Wrapping the bundle - Gathering all the gifts and next steps. 

What makes this course different?

While there are many courses and experiences available which provide teachings and techniques, personal transformation and well-being – the Helper's Journey is unique. The knowledge that is inspiring the Helpers Journey is powerful and ancient. It is in unity with the natural world and the core truths of humanity. These techniques have been proven from ancient times to help people and communities thrive into the future.

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"Helpers Mentoring Journey utilizes authentic traditional wisdom to empower our ability to live into our truest expressions of who we are and who we came to be. This work is powerful and is what the world needs now in these times of great change. It’s - not just a class but an introduction to spirituality as a Way of Life." - Matt, Canada/USA

"What I've gained from The Helper's Journey thus far is a sense of what it's really like to be a valued part of a community where hierarchy isn't the model and everyone's gifts are welcome. When that space is held, the gifts start to surface in the individuals, and a lifetime of living in less healthy ways can start to heal."  -Kathleen, USA 

“Through the course, I found my creative energy flowing more and more freely, the results of which shows in the smiles on the faces of the people closest to me. Through the call series, the course brought with it supportive relationships with others sharing the Journey. Hearing amazing stories and seeing the beautiful effort of this literally global community brings a sense of hope that this work is getting out to where it’s most needed.” -Helena, Canada 

“Working with Sal Gencarelle and participating in this creative work has been life-changing. All the while having a good time doing some serious work to Transform self and be in service to all of life.” -Kevin, USA

"This work is transforming my understanding of life and the role of human beings. It has helped me reconnect to a sense of hope and purpose, which is bringing peace into my daily existence and rippling out into my relationships and wider communities." - Dora, United Kingdom 



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