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Make Gratitude A Daily Ritual

rituals of connection Dec 23, 2018
Wisdom of Connection Rituals:
It's taken me years to figure out how to maintain a state of healthy connection with life. What I've found is that good relationships are based on repeated practices. I realized that every time I fell out of connection, I needed to revitalize the activities which re-energize the ropes of connection. Over time I've developed techniques which can be straightforward exercises to reconnect and help me return to a state of connection. 
Through trial and error (and mentoring) I've developed exercises which support healthy relationships. These exercises are daily rituals — a set of simple habits that are practiced on a regular basis. This helps keep my valued relationships alive and well.
One of the most potent routine exercises is gratitude. Daily appreciation helps us achieve one of the most valuable forms of real wealth;  the state of gratitude. This state is about gaining a reality of gratitude and having appreciation constantly as you move through your day.
The effect of the ritual of gratitude in my life is massive. It changes the way I look at the world. It changes how I feel in the world. It changes my actions in the world. It alters the words I use and offers them more positively. This state of being touches the people who are in my life, even people that I've just met for the first time.
Here is one of the most potent rituals which will bring more gratitude into your life.
Morning Water Gratitude:
When you wake up in the morning, you can take care of your business, if you need to use the bathroom, the loo, the restroom, however, you say it. And then you’ll want to get a cup of water. Take that cup of water and with that cup of water just for a moment as you're holding it, feel, think and whisper your gratitude for life. Quietly tell your appreciation to the water. Just for a second as you're bringing the cup of water to your lips, think and feel of the gratitude. And as you drink it, you’ll absorb that gratitude, and it will become you.

So that's how you start your day.
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