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Human Development through Nature Connection - Part 2 - Practices

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In the second of our four-part series on Human Development through Nature Connection, we will look at practices that bring about and activate relationships within the natural world. These practices impact us through an indigenous pedagogy that teaches through experience. Only then can the depths of our development take place.


It is not possible to gain the developmental aspect of connection through just having knowledge of it. It needs to be experienced on all levels. This process of fully embodying the experience allows the unfolding of a dynamic relationship.


Many of these practices and skills develop a deep and lasting bond between humans and the natural world. They come from an ancestral wisdom of living with nature, where their survival depends upon these connections. In today's society, we have created many layers of insulation from the experience itself, and these barriers lessen the opportunity to feel the relationship. This actively stunts our ability to develop.


There are many ways to create surface area for connection to occur, and some are more effective than others. 


We do not need to go back to the Stone Age to rebuild these connective ropes; however, we do need to be strategic in actively engaging in practices that create, deepen, and reconstruct these connections so our development can take place.


Four-Part Webinar Series

Part One: Grass Roots. We will give an overview of the importance of having natural connections and the effect of not having these developed. (This Webinar has already taken place - If you would like to purchase the recording, please use this link - Part 1 - Grass Roots)

Part Two: We will focus on how to form natural connections through specifically focused interaction. 

Part Three: We will look at the aspects of development as they occur within the human being when actively engaging in nature connection so we can map our progress. 

Part Four: Will explore the transformation and integration of the connections we develop, how they inform us about life, and how to pass them forward into the future.


Join us for part two of this webinar series, where we will share many practices that effectively create and deepen our relationship with ourselves, nature, and life itself.

 Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Expanding into awareness - Natural states of being
  • Removing the layers of insulation
  • Skills/practices that open the opportunity for connection
  • Seeking the deeper understandings in the experience.
  • The importance of reflection and questioning
  • Pinnacle experiences that develop a deep bond
  • Connection in the modern context  - Balancing technology and connection
  • Everyday practices to maintain connectivity
  • Essential approaches to develop openness to relationship
  • The power within survival living
  • Ceremonies that enhance nature connection


  • After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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