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Human Development through Nature Connection - Part 1 - Grass Roots

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In this four-part series on Human Development through Nature Connection, we will look at the importance that a relationship with the natural world has in supporting the growth towards becoming a complete human being. We will explore what happens if we don't have these relationships deeply embedded within us and how to develop them for yourself, your communities, and the generations yet to come. 



Human beings are not born knowing how to live. We pattern our behavior, learn how to interact, and create our beliefs about life largely through interactions outside the self when we are young. We cannot know ourselves in a vacuum. We must learn who and what we are through interaction with others; therefore, it is essential that we are surrounded by that which shows us a clarity of health and connection rather than a distorted worldview based on disconnection. Nature is where we can witness this connectedness in its most complete form.


Within the natural world is an innate relational wisdom that greatly supports human beings to develop that for themselves. 


As nature connection activities are undertaken, quantifiable stages occur in the self-development process, and specific attributes start to be displayed by the individual. These attributes are activated aspects of a healthy human being within community.


Four-Part Webinar Series

Part One: Grass Roots. We will give an overview of the importance of having natural connections and the effect of not having these developed. 

Part Two: We will focus on how to form natural connections through specifically focused interaction. 

Part Three: Will look at the aspects of development as they occur within the human being when actively engaging in nature connection so we can map our progress. 

Part Four: Will explore the transformation and integration of the connections we develop, how they inform us about life, and how to pass them forward into the future.


Join us for part one of this webinar series, where we will share the importance of nature connection as an integral part of human development.

 Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Overview of the human developmental process
  • Why Nature Connection
  • What is Nature Connection 
  • How connection impacts us as human beings
  • Learning Natural Law in relation to Human Law
  • Rebuilding the connections as adults 
  • Attributes of connection
  • Impact of no nature connection 
  • Different ways of connection with the natural world 
  • Reverse engineering the disconnection process


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