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Language of the Land 2018 Report

camp Sep 20, 2018

The Helper's Mentoring Society is dedicated to helping the modern, everyday person become more fully developed through the practice of traditional ceremonies and teachings. We offer online courses, literature, retreats, gatherings, and more to make this mission a reality. For more information about us, click here.



Its been a busy summer for us here at Helpers Mentoring Society. We’ve held live events and seminars around the world and we are still going! I’m actually writing this blog to you all from the airport on my way to the United Kingdom, and from there over to Europe.

As many of you know we hold an annual nature connection camp in South Dakota, USA. The event is called the Language of the Land. This camp is unique in all the work that we do for a number of reasons. The 1st is that the camp is meant to be a cultural exchange for the participants – for people of diverse backgrounds to meet and spend quality time with the Native American...

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