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Collaboration with the Fire Light for Life Gobal Healing Initiative

At Helpers Mentoring Society we are so grateful for the many people engaging in the healing opportunity of the Fire Light for Life initiative. Collectively our intentions and focus can have a huge impact upon the human and natural world’s well-being, now and into the future.


Many people are feeling a deep spirit calling from within to address the needs of our time with a new way of thinking and being in the world. The need to build and deepen connection and make healing changes in the way we humans live and are in relationship to the Earth and all her children.


Working with fire in intentional ways is one of the keys to transformative healing which the world so desperately needs. If you are feeling a pull to engage with this knowledge on a deeper level, then we want to support you in this learning.


We at Helpers Mentoring Society train people to hold transformative and connective ceremony. We have shared the techniques and understanding of how to create Sacred Fires to individuals and communities around the world. We invite you to learn this also.

Sacred Fire and the Elements

Join us for a 4-hour webinar all about the use of fire to create the most connected experience possible. Gain new understanding on how to use fire and the elements to connect to transformation, healing, and Vision.

About the Helpers Mentoring Society

Who are we?

  • We are dedicated to creating a better life for humanity and the natural world. 
  • We are willing to face challenge and find creative solutions. 
  • We are dedicated to the transformation of the human spirit. 
  • We are Visionary Healers supporting the development of new Visionaries. 
  • We are people who truly care about life, now and into the future. 
  • We are dedicated to using the tools and techniques of transformation to deeply connect to life. 
  • We are committed to helping change and find a way though these challenging times. 
  • We are a global community supporting life. 

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