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Sacred Fire and the Elements

Historic Webinar Recording

With the Global Sacred Fire initiative really gathering momentum we wanted to offer teachings on how to work with fire and the elements in a deeper way for those who are feeling the call to sit with a fire during this global healing event and for those who are drawn to work with this element in a more conscious and connected way

Within this webinar we will offer aspects on working with Fire in a sacred manner

  • Creating a sacred space through holding intention
  • Elements of creation as the foundations of ceremony
  • Accessing the deepest states of communication 
  • Deep listening, insight and inspiration
  • Reaching out with the need from the heart - Prayer 

We offer this for all those who have a calling to work with the element of Fire and the other elements of creation to create healing and transformation for a brighter future of health for all our relatives

We are offering this now to support the movement of the sacred fires that are being lit world wide in support of all life moving into the future and for those of you who are feeling the call to work more intimately with these elements. 

After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar 


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