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Herbal Medicine - Lineage Teachings and Techniques

Historic Webinar Recording

This webinar will focus on the lineage teachings for working with herbal medicine as passed down from the Woptura Lineage.



Sal has been taught to work with a number of plant medicines for physical healing and overall wellbeing. On this webinar he will be sharing these teachings and wisdoms passed down from the ancestors. 



During this webinar Sal will explain the specific techniques to approach, communicate, and harvest plant medicine from the natural environment. He will also explain how the herbs are prepared for use, the ceremonial method of delivery, and how  the recipient of the medicine is supported to heal.  

Herbal Uses include healing acute/immediate illness and ongoing health and wellbeing. This includes:


Purification - Herbs used to cleanse


Communication - Using herbs to transmit intention and information


State Change - Herbal use to induce shifts in consciousness


Physical Healing - Herbs used to heal illness  



Training Topics:

  • World View about Plant Medicine
  • Plant Communication 
  • How to Approach Plants
  • The Ceremony of the Harvest 
  • Specific Plants Uses
  • Preparing Plant Medicine
  • Delivering Plant Medicine
  • Medicine Blessing Ceremony
  • How to be Healed By Plant Medicine 


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar.


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