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Belief, Faith, and Hope Rooted in the Natural World

Portland Oregon Workshop

Sunday October 23, 1pm - 6pm PST

Hillsdale Community Church
(Welcome letter with all details - sent after registration)

Cost: $135 (limited scholarships/work trade available) 


Salvatore Gencarelle (Helpers Mentoring Society Founder) will be presenting a 5-hour workshop October 23rd, from 1-6pm PST at the Hillsdale Community Church in Portland, Oregon. The workshop will explore the concepts of belief, faith, and hope from a nature-based perspective. The wisdom teachings of the 7 directions will help us to understand how to become the connected human beings that we need in this modern age. 


What does it mean to walk in a deeply connected way within the times that we live? 


This presentation and workshop are in response to the widespread bewilderment and disillusionment many people are experiencing. Living a deeply connected way of life in the modern world presents challenges and there are precious few living examples of what it means be a rooted person of belief, faith, and hope. 


Embodying belief, faith, and hope requires active participation, commitment, and conduct. This is something our current societies are not good at role modelling - much less understanding. The natural world and the patterns found within provide an understanding of these concepts and a way to actualize this into our lives. When our faith aligns with power of the life force flowing through nature, we become an embodied hope for life now and into the future! 


Join us for this 5-hour teaching workshop where we will offer support to all those seeking to live a deeply connected life within this modern world.


Topics include:

  • Commitment to Live - Commitment to Life
  • The choice of "Power Over" or "Service To"
  • The need for regular means of purification 
  • Managing spheres of influence 
  • Faith and hope beyond the physical
  • The connection between healing the past and a hopeful future 
  • Being an active, connected part of the creational process
  • Being connected in a disconnected world
  • The static interference of modern living
  • Greater than human perspective - Shifting the world view
  • Working with power - A different code of conduct



If needing a scholarship, please contact JJ Crow at [email protected]


This event is sponsored by Wisdom and Hope: a joint endeavor supported by Hillsdale Community Church, UCC, P'Nai - Eagle Spirit and Earth & Spirit Council



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