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Processing Personal Grief - With Grief Specialist Tanya Jenkins

Historic Webinar Recording

With Salvatore Gencarelle and guest grief specialist Tanya Jenkins

To experience grief is an inevitable part of being alive. As human beings we are intrinsically wired to connect and feel the bonds of relationship. At some point in relationship we experience the grief as part of the ever changing nature of life. 

From a modern cultural perspective grief is seldom acknowledged let alone tended. More often than not it is hidden away, dismissed, or even shunned. The lack of being able to grieve can create ongoing distress for individuals - and as a collective society. 

Grief is so intrinsically tied to love that we will all experience it in our lives. We can continue to push the grief down or we can bring it into the light, accept it, feel it and allow it to move and come back to an alignment to life. Through these tending processes we can ultimately grow and allow a greater understanding of the process of life itself to unfold.

If this trauma of grief is not allowed to transition as a normal part of being alive and supported to come back to an alignment to life, then the grief can remain a part of our world. It can even continue to be present long after the event of the initial loss. 

In this 2-hour webinar Tanya Jenkins and Salvatore Gencarelle are going to explore the many different forms of grief patterns and offer processes to move them to a more life orientated focus:

  • Defining loss and grief
  • What helps process the painful parts of grief
  • What inhibits the movement of grief
  • Grieving and ceremony
  • How to mend the relationship with the ancestors
  • Personal rituals to do for any loss
  • Questions and Answers. 


More about Tanya Jenkins

Tanya Jenkins was first introduced to the need for tending grief after her father died.  Her initial search was to find a way to fix her grief when she came across the Grief Recovery Method that sets aside fixing and instead mended the relationship with her father.  She became a certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in 2015 and in each session, she helps her clients experience and learn the action steps to release the burdening parts of grief.


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