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Walking With The Ancestors

Historic Webinar Recording

In this 4-hour webinar Sal Gencarelle will teach about how to build, maintain, and grow your personal relationship with the ancestors.  


Helpers Mentoring Society has offered a number of past webinars about the importance of healing our ancestors and our relationship to them. Now we'd like to offer teachings on the next step - to build a continuous relationship with the ancestor for a lifetime of healing, strength, and guidance. 


The importance of ancestral connection is highly valued in indigenous cultures for a reason. To know our ancestors is to better know ourselves. With the guidance and healing of the ancestors we can become more fully activated human beings.


In this 4-hour webinar we will present some simple, yet effective ways to develop and strengthen your personal relationship with your ancestors.  



  • Why the Fall season is a time of ancestral connection (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Traditional practices of connecting with the ancestors
  • Meditation to communicate with ancestors
  • Simple ancestral ritual for communication
  • Ancestor Celebrations
  • Spirit Plates
  • Knowing ancestor through your name
  • Sensing ancestral connection within 


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar.


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