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Teachings of the Vision Quest

Historic Webinar Recording

In this next teaching webinar we are going to explore the teachings of the most ancient of ceremonies, the Vision Quest. From before written history human beings have sought out wisdom and guidance by seeking communion with the spirit in nature. 

Humanity intuitively knows to reach out to the purity of spirit when desperately seeking guidance. Somewhere deep inside of us there is a calling to connect to the spirit world and look beyond for the 'known'. Even in the modern world people instinctively walk into nature to ask profound questions.

There are many ways to vision quest from the simplest of seeking help to the offering of one's life for a "Vision".

Within this four hour webinar we will explore

  • Identifying the need to quest within yourself
  • Required preparation for vision quests (asking good questions)
  • Various types of quest
  • The 16 days each person gets to communicate to spirit
  • How to make questing a part of your life - simple ways to start now
  • Living the Vision

Almost every person alive are drawn to vision quest at some point in their lives. Often times this desire is misunderstood because the societies we live in do not support this need. Do you feel that calling deep with in you? Join us to learn more about the teachings of the Vision Quest and how you can start working with this medicine now. 

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