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Personal and Group Mentoring Service

Helpers Mentoring Society’s mentors have been trained in our specific lineage of earth-base wisdoms. The mentors apply this understanding to help bring about transformation towards fulfillment and holistic relationships - internally and externally. Through working with, and integrating the processes which build connection, individuals, organizations and nature heal. People find a sense of harmony, connection, happiness and fulfillment.

In the past people were surrounded with a village who could provide guidance and would ask deep challenging questions. This level of support is missing in most people’s lives now, and it’s hard to replicate on the historical scale. What is available now is professional mentoring.

Helpers Mentoring Society offers several pathways to both personal (one-on-one) and small group mentoring. 

Personal Growth Mentoring - The missing ingredient in people's personal growth is mentoring. Personal mentoring accelerates growth and focuses on individual well-being. The goals of this mentoring are directed by the mentee.


Understanding the Impact of Mentoring

When a person is guided to connection experiences and is supported with good mentoring, specific behavior patterns start to shine in the person. These characteristics seem to reside innately within us, often just under the surface, but need to be activated and energized with the power of relational building experiences and integrated with mentoring. The characteristics that shine brightly in people who have “turned on” through deep connection include:

  • A profound sense of inner peace
  • Deep empathy
  • Increased compassion and sympathy
  • An increase in lifeforce energy
  • Engaging the moment with more passion
  • Acting to help with whatever needs are at hand
  • Clarity of thought and feelings
  • Balanced relationship within their body, heart, mind, and spirit
  • Increase in a sense of well-being

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