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Ancestral Tending - Part One - Healing the Past for the Future

Historic Webinar Recording


It is the time of year in the Northern hemisphere when the veils between the ancestral world and the present are thin. This has been understood for generations as a time dedicated to connection, healing, and guidance from the ancestral plane. At this specific time, we are offering a two-part webinar series on Ancestral Tending to honor this ancient connection.


The importance of this connection with the ancestral past being healthy is all but lost within the modern world, favoring more the moment of 'now' only, with little focus offered to the relationship with that which has gone before. This worldview affects the ability to deal with any outstanding grief from the past that is still present today. 


The loss of healthy connection in this way has an impact upon the present that is not understood in terms of its severity towards the health of life. If we do not heal the wounds and connections to the past, then we have the potential to continue the same disconnected patterns of our ancestors, repeating the grief-ridden actions in our own lives. 


If we do not connect and pray for our ancestors, who will?


The actions of our ancestors in life had an impact not only in their own time but the ripples and effects of these are being felt today. However, this is not specific to them. We are all doing the same right now, and our actions in life impact the future in ways that our grandchildren will live into. There is no room for blame or judgment in the ancestral healing process. The focus is and has always been on the bigger perspective of life. 


We are the ones who can connect, heal and bring into healthy alignment the ropes to our ancestors. We have the responsibility to tend these ropes. It is a relationship that, like all relationships, requires us to connect, heal and maintain in a healthy alignment.


There are yearly practices, often termed ceremonies, that are offered, but there are also simple everyday rituals that support the development of a healthy rope to the past generations. 


Healing the past can heal the now and the future at the same time.


Join us in this webinar on ancestral tending and learn about tending the ropes, healing the past, and changing the future. 


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The importance of healthy ancestral connection - Traditional Wisdom.
  • Healing the ropes to the ancestors - The responsibility of being in the now.
  • Ancestral wounding - The bigger picture.
  • Grief through time - Epigenetics
  • Distinction of Our ancestors and The Ancestors.
  • Ancestral offerings
  • Yearly Ancestral connection ceremonies.
  • Connecting to the ancestors every day.
  • Time operates differently than we may believe.
  • Healing Ancestral grief.
  • Navigating a challenging ancestral past.
  • Communications from the past to support the future.


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