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The Helpers of Life - Attributes, Alignments, and Connection

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In this webinar, we will explore what it is to be a 'Helper'. The term helper is originally a spiritual designation of a person or unseen being who is supporting life and/or ceremony. To be a helper is to be aligned to life in a clearly defined relationship - and to work for the well-being and healing of all.


There are many forms of helpers within spirit world, nature, and the creative forces themselves. Human-being can also become helpers through a process of deep commitment and taking action to support life. 


To be a helper one must develop higher mindset, profound attentiveness, and deep spiritual communication to perceive what is actually truly helpful. Of course, this presents challenges, but there is support all around us, willing and eager to help the human family rise and fulfill its purpose in supporting life.


A multibillion-dollar industry exists that offers self-help to people, but very few of them hold this self-actualization process within the context of how to use our gifts to support life - now and into the future. The modern story of self-help is mostly focused on developing the ego and often about material comfort being the ultimate means to well-being and health. What if that story were to change and success in life is understood to be how well you support that which supports all life - not only enhancing your personal well-being and health - but everyone's and everything's health and happiness. 


Life needs Helpers


As helpers we hold a vision of a healthy, connected future and we work to manifest this. This possible future is not ours, but we are a part of it. We are guided on the pathway of the Vision that Life and find ultimate fulfillment. This webinar will offer teachings and practices on developing the attributes of a helper within oneself and, as leaders, how to support that development in others.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • A definition of a Helper from the lineage perspective
  • Nature as a guide to being actually, truly helpful
  • Attributes of connection
  • Developing attributes - aiming at the right target
  • The roles of a Helper
  • Connection to the Future Generations
  • What is truly helpful is found through experience
  • The Vision of Life
  • The journey of healing as a Helper
  • What you see as needing help, you must become
  • Developing other Helpers 


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