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Discernment and Communication - Developing Clarity

Historic Webinar Recording

The process of perceiving communication and finding understanding that is actionable is a common theme within the development of living within a connected reality. It is a personal journey that is achieved through continued experience and developing our own awareness to how it works within us.

Discerning when communication is occurring is not initially achieved through the minds understanding, more often it is through the sensations of the body, emotions, and spirit that we can pick up communication that is coming our way. Truly, it is learning a new language.

In our own history our ancestors lived this experience on a daily basis. In our present culture this is not understood even on a basic level. Trusting your gut instinct is replaced by the scientific and logical thinking that tells us what is 'true and factual'. Although this can be helpful, it must be understood within the context of its 'Human only' perspective.

Communication is happening all the time, and we are being called to develop the sensitivity to perceive it in its many forms.

When we do understand that something is happening, we then face the challenge of making meaning out of these sensations and what we need to do with them. The journey of connecting and relating is an ongoing process through life and beyond, but its importance is becoming clearer to many who seek to make healthy change.

In this two hour webinar Sal will explore the topic of discerning the communication and how we can learn to train our sensitivity to the messages we receive and how to apply them in our lives.

Some of the topics we will explore within the webinar:

  • Identifying communication - Discernment 
  • Different forms of communication - From Nature to Spirit 
  • Understanding the communication 
  • Pattern Language 
  • Indigenous Cultural Frameworks - Supporting Understanding
  • Context Specific Communication
  • What to do with the communication - It is not enough just to listen


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