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Staying Centered Amid The Storms

Historic Webinar Recording


In our next teaching webinar, we will explore the many storms that we face as humanity right now and how to stay upright, centered, and focused as the systems that hold and support life shift around us. 


We are all aware of the constant news reports of environmental imbalance that occur almost daily now, of flooding, fires, quakes, and droughts in so many regions of the world. 


The parameters of what allows life to exist are shifting, and there will be many storms ahead. They will take many forms, from an imbalance of rainfall that breaks the banks of the rivers to dry seasons so hot that spontaneous fires erupt, from the mental and emotional cracking of human behavior to species not being able to survive and losing their regulatory function within the earths' living process. 


As someone received a message in the sweat lodge the other day, "Our job is to keep the connection open. Otherwise, our house will burn down. The storms are coming, and as people of connection, we will need to hold our center amid these changes to keep creating connection and health among the people, the land, and our natural relatives. 


Being thrown out of center can be easy as the things we potentially have relied upon as stable become imbalanced and fall from their alignments. We will need not only to hold practices that keep us centered and in a connected state no matter the storm's force, but also to support others to face what is coming and, in many cases, is already here. Many people have no resources for this time and space that we are living into. In reality, the heart of the issue is and has always been disconnection. It is time for humans to connect deeply and humbly to this creation to pray for life and its continuation.


The storms of our time will show themselves in many forms. Some will be obvious, like the fires that rage unchecked across the globe to the floodwaters that purge the land. But they will also materialize in more subtle ways. Sudden changes in human behavior, the disappearance of insects during a season, or flowers opening at the wrong time of year. All of these add up and will have an impact on the ability for life to thrive. Take a moment to look at life around you. Do you see these shifts taking place? They are there, and we must be alert and awake to these patterns so we don't get caught in them and can remain centered and connected.

Join us for this two-hour webinar where Sal will share understanding and practices to keep centered with connection for yourself and others during what we are living now and into the future.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Storms and their many forms
  • Where to place stability 
  • What is centered? - How to find the place of balance
  • Behavioral patterns of humans during crisis
  • Awareness of the cracking of stability 
  • Watching for signs of instability - Bird language of the spirit 
  • Practices that develop peace and calm within self 
  • Core principles of living connection 
  • Facing fear - The bigger perspective of life 
  • Dealing with aloneness - Leadership for others
  • Being ahead of the game - Deep listening
  • Maintaining our humanity in the times 


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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