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Questing Altars - Need + Context = Form

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In the second of our four-part series discussing Vision Questing, we will look at the multiple forms a quest can take and how to choose the correct one. 


Knowing why you are seeking is essential in understanding what container to place this seeking within. This is why the preparation stage is vital. Once you have the Why, you will need to determine the How?


Vision Quest is such an overused generic term to describe many different ceremonial processes and formats for questing. It is important to have clarity on which altar you are placing yourself within to meet the need of what you seek.


Don't go looking for deer in the ocean.


Each quest altar configuration has a point to which it connects within creation. This dictates what is accessible through that connection and will highly influence the overall experience. It is vital to understand which doorway you wish to open when choosing which altar will best suit the quest you are on. There are implications and responsibilities that come from these choices.


Many quest formats have a romantic notion around them that can be very misleading, and the reality of questing should be approached with great awareness before embarking upon them. They are not to be taken lightly nor ignorantly. 


Crying for a Dream


There are multiple ways to go about a quest. Within this webinar, we will explore several options and how to choose the one that will be most efficacious in meeting your personal need to Vision Quest.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Need + context = the form 
  • Different quest formats - Applying them to the need
  • Understanding how altars give us access 
  • Facilitated or self-initiated questing
  • Working with Nature and Fire Quest Altars
  • Lineage Prayer Quest
  • Crying for a dream - Hanbleciya
  • Making a choice - clarity and commitments 
  • Understanding responsibility
  • Seeking Personal Authentic Spiritual Authority
  • Preparing accordingly for each quest Altar
  • After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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