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The Modern Human Perspective of Sacred vs the Reality of the Mystery

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Much has been lost about the understanding and teachings of working with the unseen (spiritual) mystery of life due to the nature of disconnection that has occurred in our ancestry.


As people in modern societies seek to reclaim true spiritual teachings, there are aspects that need to be understood that are outside the current framework of understanding that most people have about of what it is to work with true power. 


Wakan does not mean sacred; Wakan is Mysterious.


To work with the Mystery is a path of constant healing and relationship. It requires the human being to be humble and know its place and order in creation. It is not a path for those that seek personal power. Instead, it is a road of service that requires conduct and alignment that takes dedication and commitment.


Knowing about connection does not make you connected.


To work with true power can sound like a beautiful and idealistic life from the modern standpoint. However, the reality of what it takes to achieve and maintain this is rarely perceived. Our societies often show the romanticized end result, not the journey it takes to get there, nor the life that is required to maintain it. 


If we choose to walk this path, it is essential that we know ourselves completely in relationship to creation and to step aside to allow that which is mysterious to flow. 


In this teaching webinar, we will explore the reality of walking the path of Wakan in its many forms.

Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Sacred vs Mysterious
  • Modern understandings about working with Vision
  • Seeking power or seeking healing
  • The responsibility of working with power - Terms and conditions apply 
  • A 'Helper' as understood by creation 
  • Commitment to the Powers of Creation
  • Liking your vision - No refunds or returns
  • Human perspective vs the perspective of Creation
  • Medicine and how it works
  • The healing journey - A commitment to Life


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