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Reintegration of the Wounded Self - Health and Happiness

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Life is full of joy, connection and love. At the same time we will experience pain, loss and hurt as we cannot understand one without having the other. It is not commonly understood that we have a choice about how we allow these interactions and experiences to shape our world and who we are within it.


The interactions that hurt us in some fashion materialize in many ways and each is unique to the individual. The person can choose many paths from these challenges, including disconnection. We may feel the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual pain of these experiences as our unique sensitivities are violated in some way. 


If we leave trauma untended it can create a disconnection that can last for generations, creating unhealthy barriers to parts of creation and ultimately disconnecting us from life itself. 


To be in total connected health we must reintegrate these experiences, and much can be learned about ourselves through these times if we choose to approach it in this way. In addition, these challenges can be deeply supportive in understanding ourselves and what our purpose is in this world. 


Healing is a journey, not an end result


This process is often called 'healing' and is commonly misunderstood by the modern peoples of the world. The healing process is not something that happens to us from an outside source; it is a journey we can all make.


The road can be challenging, but ultimately we will be healthier, more helpful human beings because of it. This has an impact not only on our own lives but within all that we interact with.


Through reintegrating the pain we will be different and we will have a more profound and clearer understanding of life itself and how to live. This is a gift to all creation as we are a connected part of the whole.


Join us for this 2-hour teaching webinar where Sal will offer experience and wisdom on how to face our wounds and offer processes to help support the reintegration back into health for life.


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Trauma, grief and wounding as part of life
  • Everything with a shadow - lineage teachings
  • What is hurtful?
  • Healthy and unhealthy responses to grief 
  • How is this helpful?
  • Nature as a pure way to integrate understanding
  • Reorienting towards life
  • Understanding self through wounds 
  • Processes for reintegration 
  • Learning from the experience in the context of life


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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