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Gratitude Ceremonies and Ritual - The Power of Giving Thanks

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Our next teaching webinar focuses on one of the most important aspects of the Universe - Gratitude.


It is understood that one of the roles and responsibilities of being a human upon the earth is to offer gratitude. It is something uniquely connected to what it is to be a "real" human-being. 


To be awed by creation and to stand in utter humility before it is one of the most beautiful and powerful places to find yourself as a human being upon the earth. We have the potential to walk in this way every day and the process to get there is simple.


Gratitude is not a thought. It is an active relational engagement with creation. It is way of being.


In today's cultures, being grateful is often overshadowed by the grief and trauma continually thrust in our faces from so many different mediums. It has created a focus away from the beauty of being alive and more towards the suffering in life. Grief is becoming our identity. Changing our focus internally towards gratitude will change our external reality. We will again begin to experience life in beauty and awe.


If the first action of the day from every human being worldwide were to offer sincere heartfelt gratitude, then this world would be an entirely different reality instantaneously. 


Join us for this two-hour webinar where Sal will explore the power of gratitude as a positive force and share simple and effective ways to bring this into your life.

Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The words before all others
  • The teachings from gratitude ceremonies 
  • Ways to offer gratitude 
  • Gratitude as a felt sense
  • Humility and gratitude
  • Accessing connection and being grateful
  • Transforming grief with gratitude
  • Gratitude ceremonies and rituals


Gratitude is such an accessible ceremony that can be easily adopted by all people. It is a real vehicle for human change across the earth


After purchase you will be sent a email with a link to Dropbox where you can access the recording of the webinar


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