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The Danger of the Age of Information

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In this webinar we are going to explore the learning journey itself. In the age where information is everywhere there are many areas where we will have to navigate carefully. The wrong information - information that is out of alignment to health and happiness - is dangerous. There is a danger in receiving information and adopting it as truth without an embodied personal experience.



In modern societies the education of the mind is prevalent and concentrates on empowering only one of the intelligences within the human form. This is not a holistic approach to learning and greatly limits our access to true life understanding.


The mind is inherently limited in its capacity to perceive outside of its own framework.


In the indigenous learning pedagogy, there is an entirely different approach to learning, where experience and mentoring is key to creating a healthy world view that is rooted in connection


To truly 'know' something we must fully experience it for ourselves and then be able to integrate the experience in a healthy way. Only then can we make understanding of it and arrange it within the framework of our lives. By adopting this way of learning we intrinsically develop relationship and conduct as part of the journey


Join us for this webinar to understand the process of learning that must be developed in order to walk a life of connection


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • The many forms of learning 
  • The differences between knowledge, information, and wisdom
  • Information can kill
  • Unregulated information - The information Age
  • Cognitive understanding through connective rituals and integration
  • Information vs Connection
  • Purifying Information
  • The indigenous learning pedagogy
  • Creating the contextual framework for experience
  • Rituals of connection that develop wisdom
  • Integrating the experience
  • Application of holistic learning to life

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