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Questing With Fire - Elemental Questing

Historic Webinar Recording

In our next teaching webinar, we want to explore the topic of questing with the sacred element of fire. 


From very early in human existence, fire has been a major part of our connective journey. It has helped inform humans how to live in a healthy way upon the earth. The interactive relationship between fire and us has developed over thousands of years and has many layers to it. As with all relationships it must be tended in healthy ways. 


The wisdom it offers can be swift and profound and it is understood that it holds the doorway to all knowledge intended for human beings. What we do with that knowledge is of great importance at this time. 


Questing has always been a part of the human experience. There are many ways to seek the wisdom of the spirit. Sitting with fire in a contemplative way can be a deeply impactful process and one that is far more accessible to modern cultures. 


If you are feeling the pull to quest and seek a deeper wisdom, then join us to find out how you can go about the process of questing with one of sacred elements and access the knowledge intended for human beings. 


Here are some of the topics we will explore in this teaching webinar:


  • Fire as a connected element - Sacredness
  • Fire and knowledge - Lineage Teachings
  • Human relationship with fire - The use of knowledge
  • Traditional applications of the fire quest
  • Questing as part of a community 
  • Drawing out the deeper lessons from the quest - mentoring
  • Fire quests for our children
  • Fire quest formats
  • HMS fire quest opportunities in 2021


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