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How to Quest - Making the Most of the Connection Time

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In the third of our four-part series discussing Vision Questing, we will turn our focus to time in the quest process itself and how to gain the most from this opportunity.


Within the last two webinars we have discussed the Why. Now we must look at the doing. The quester must bring energy and action into the quest and generate the energy of this ceremony through prayer. How to do this will be the focus of this webinar. 


When it's finally time to enter the quest altar, it is important not to waste this time but to fully give yourself to what you are seeking. It is not enough to just speak one's intention or prayer and then wait for a response, the most profound communication requires a "crying out" one's prayer. This itself is a challenge to stay in energetic prayer - but if we are humble and remember the reason why we are there - our emotions can be the fuel to carry us into deeper forms of communication. 


Pray hard, pray harder.


Each quest format will have different areas of focus and different forms of engagement through the time that we are there, but within all of them there will be a requirement to open the doors for sacred communication. 


Within this webinar we will offer ways to gain the most from questing and your time within the quest altar. The Vision Quest is the moment that you have with creation in deep prayer - don't waste it. 


Here is what we will cover in the webinar:

  • Seeking vs prayer
  • Generating the energy from within in the quest space
  • Paying rapt attention 
  • Deep listening 
  • Praying continuously - song
  • Facing yourself
  • When they show up - What to do
  • What constitutes prayer within the quest space
  • Sacrificing what it takes to live
  • Praying with Nature, Fire and the Keepers of the Dream
  • Offerings
  • Understanding what is being experienced is for later - dive deeply into the present moment. 
  • Time duration
  • If you, do it this way, they will come


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