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Rites of Passage and Life Stage Honoring

Historic Webinar Recording

Since ancient times, nature connected cultures around the world have engaged in powerful, transformational practices in order to ensure the development of fully activated human beings. When a child is born into the world, it is the responsibility of that child's culture to ensure the development of that individual into a fully functional adult. Through Rites of Passage individuals are transformed through each life stage, releasing his or her old form and being reborn into a new, more connected version of themselves.


Nature based cultures have techniques which support the physiological emergence of becoming Human. These techniques are what we now call Rites of Passage. In this understanding, human beings are not just born, they are made by the culture.


But what happens if societies don't remember how to take a child on the path of becoming human? What occurs when an infant becomes a child and the child never has the opportunity to transform into an adult? Are we then still children inside adult bodies? 


Join us for this 4-hour webinar to explore the topic of rites of passage and more:

  • Why are Rites of Passage critical 
  • Teachings on honoring Life Stages
  • Rites of Passage and as part of the greater cultural web
  • Universal aspects of Rites of Passage
  • Specific Rites of Passage (Lineage Teachings)
  • How to create simple Rites of Passage  


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